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April 26, 2006

Bush Administration 'Going Squishy' On National Security By Ignoring Border Security

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

At least that's how Captain Ed sees last nights White House announcement of a breakthrough on immigration reform.

... unlike the overblown Dubai ports deal, this one actually has real security implications for the US. It is a national disgrace that more than four years after 9/11, we still have not credibly secured our southern border. During a war in which our enemy moves primarily by stealth and attacks exclusively through individual or small-group terrorist actions, allowing the unfettered movement of people on the vast scale we see presents a clear danger to our nation. Instead of focusing on that, the President has aligned himself with Democrats and the handful of Republicans who put political correctness (and political expediency) ahead of their Constitutional duties.

So while President Bush and a group of senators that agree with him were meeting to come to a general agreement on an immigration bill that includes "a pathway to citizenship" (read amnesty for lawbreaking illegal aliens), the president apparently completely ignores the 800 pound gorilla threatening our national security and national sovereignty - the Mexican invasion across our borders, and the potential flood of terrorists that can just as easily waltz across with them.

President Bush seems to have donned a new moniker - "Squishy", for soft on national security and the protection of our southern border. I think he has forgotten that Vincente Fox and the millions of illegal aliens don't vote (or at least they aren't suppose to). Perhaps we need to remind the Dems about that too.

John Hawkins at RWN isn't happy about Squishy either: "If Bush and the Republicans in the Senate don't have the common sense to go along with the House and do the right thing on illegal immigration -- which is to build a wall, crack down on employers, and get tough with the illegals who are here to discourage more illegals from coming -- then perhaps those of us who believe our immigration laws should be enforced can fight them to a standstill politically and keep them from doing the wrong thing for America".

Michelle Malken calls Bush's actions A Whitehouse Betrayal - and thinks that we should contact the White House.

I agree - "Send a message: No amnesty. Clean our own house first".

Posted by Richard at April 26, 2006 8:48 AM

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