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April 12, 2006

76-year-old Greek Orthodox Monk Beaten By Villagers In West Bank

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In what Robert Spencer calls, "Hard times for the dhimmis in the West Bank", a 76-year-old Greek Orthodox monk is beaten up by villagers, his carefully tended olive trees are uprooted and his isolated West Bank monastery is defaced with graffiti depicting nuns being raped. And in a typical mainstream media mis-truth, the article "attempts to portray the Christians as suffering equally at the hands of Muslims and Jews"; but it's not the evil "Joooozzz" that are "beating up monks, uprooting trees, and painting obscene graffiti on monastery walls".

The population of Christians in the Holy Land, particularly in the Palestinian territories, is dwindling as more and more leave for a better life abroad, turning the community into a tiny minority squeezed between Muslims and Jews....

Caught in the midst of conflict, Churches have sought to help local Christians quietly by not rocking the boat and being careful over criticizing the Palestinian Authority, which might be seen by some as tantamount to supporting Israel....

Exasperated at the failure of the Palestinian Authority to act and the reticence of churches to speak up, a group of Christians in Bethlehem drew up a list of grievances that included theft of their land by Muslims, attacks and desecration of Church property.

The Christians passed the list to Church leaders, saying local authorities had done little to help.

These days Christians face extra uncertainty from the rise of the militant Islamist Hamas group, whose charter calls for the establishment of an Islamic, rather than a secular, state -- a goal that causes many Christians to have misgivings about remaining.

The land of Jesus's birth is indeed a very difficult place for Christians to live in 2006, and it appears that the Islamists have every intention of driving Christians out of Bethlehem.

Anti-Christian Pogrom in the West Bank: The western media corps largely ignores Muslim violence against Christians in the Holy Land.

Posted by Richard at April 12, 2006 8:32 AM

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