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April 2006

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April 30, 2006

Cease and Desist Order in Andrea Clark Case

April 28, 2006

United 93, I saw the movie...
Andrea Clark - Transfer Problem - Please Help
We are standing in solidarity ...
About That Republican Base
Iran does not 'give a damn' about UN conclusions
'Oil God' Causes Market Fuel Prices To Drop - and other musings
Important Update: Andrea Clark is Moving to Chicago
Are you still using Microsoft Internet Explorer?

April 27, 2006

Professor (and Students) Charged Following Vandalism
Andrea Clark Update - she still needs help
The Andrea Clark Case - Breaking News Coming ...
Fat Face Zarqawi "Ticking Off' Iraqi's
Indonesian Government Wants Non-Mulims Tried By Aceh Islamic Court
Exxon Mobil's 'In Your Face' Rape And Pillage Of America: Part 3 - Fighting Back (Updated - The Other Side Of The Coin)
Desperate cowards
Was That 2005 Dana Priest Story A Fraud?
Something Very Important Is Happening In The Middle East

April 26, 2006

The Best Discovery Since Fire--Pax Democratica
Muslims Killing Muslims
Hard Life At The Pump
New Insight Into 'Highway' For Cancer Spread
Andrea Clark Is Not the Only One
Today's Iranian Pot-Stirrings
A Defense Fund For CIA Leaker?
'Signing One of the Best Free Agents'
'Sinai Hit Again'
'The Cartoon Wars Are Over'
'Mexifornia' Is Here
Bush Administration 'Going Squishy' On National Security By Ignoring Border Security
'Military & Propaganda Messages' In The Zarqawi Tape
More on the Killing of Andrea Clark

April 25, 2006

HarryTho 4/25 Natalee Holloway Commentary
The truth about Hamas - and its followers
Zarqawi Releases Video Tape
Party Of Death
Bush Orders Gas Probe
Expert Says Al Qaeda Has Already Deployed Nukes
Schindler Family Supports Andrea Clark
Death Toll Rises At Dahab
The Ameriican Push For Human Rights And Democracy
More On Andrea Clark - URGENT Action Needed!

April 24, 2006

Caffeine could protect against diabetes
Islamists Down Under
The Palestinians: Cult Of Suicide - Culture Of Failure
'Lasting cough, Breathlessness' Could Indicate Lung Cancer
Earth Day Big Dud
Doctors Attempting To Terminate Texas Woman - Urgent Action Requested (Please Pass Around)
Explosions Shake Egypt - Updated
Explosions Shake Egypt
The Face Of Islamofascism
Islamic Reformer Tells Women To Take Off Veil!
Iraq's Next Premier - Just Another Al-Jaafari ?
Psychomyopic Democrats
Exploiting the Suffering
Howard Dean to the Religious Community: Back-Off
Mexicans Say Immigration "Inevitable"

April 23, 2006

Ahmdinejad's Plastic Keys to Heaven
Mary McCarthy, The CIA Leaker Part 3
Malaysia's Top Court to Decide If Muslims Can Leave Islam without Shariah Approval
Boycott Exxon Mobil - Part 2

April 22, 2006

CIA Leaker McCarthy - 'The Plot Thickens'
Oh No! - : Not Women And Men In The Same Room - Together
Family Should Be Comforted Knowing That Bigley Was Beheaded Based On `Shariah'
CIA Leaker - A Kerry Supporter

April 21, 2006

Islam 'Defined'
Hu Heckler is Charged in US Court
'Beware of the people who are having fun competing with you'
"Islamic democracy" in Egypt?
The Peacefostering Principle
The 'Overqualified Immigrant'
About That 'Global Jihad'
France Surrenders Again - Redux

April 20, 2006

Pakistan takes out another al-Qaeda (and Pakistan's view of DNA)
A Sequel To The Taliban - The Iranian Version
Coulter: 'Lie Down With Strippers, Wake Up With Pleas'
America's Congress For Sale (to the Saudis)
Mexican Wives Speak Out About Illegal Immigration
Thoughts On That Visit By Iran's Nuclear Negotiator - And the 'Bomb'
Hating Your Enemies
Will Iran Deny this?
Bush's Brain?
Yahoo Helps Communists Jail Opponents
Nutty Professor Has Regrets

April 19, 2006

New research links metabolism and appetite suppression
On The Oft-Asked Question: 'Where Are Those Liberal Arab Muslims'?
Sunshine And Vitamin D Aid Lung Cancer Survival
On Islamic Apostasy Law - Lies, Distortions, And The Truth
Muslim Brotherhood Children's Website: America Aspires to Control the Muslim World
Iraq The Model: 'Kill us, but you won't enslave us.'
Exxon Mobil's 'In Your Face' Rape And Pillage Of America

April 18, 2006

Is Islam the Enemy? #2
Hawaii: Time Lists Sen. Daniel Akaka As One Of Five Worst Members Of Senate.
Stepping Toward War With Iran: Russia Still Opposed to Sanctions on Iran - Bush Says All Options Open
Caffeine, Green Tea Intake Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
So, Saddam and Osama Were An Item After All?
Evista As Good As Tamoxifen For Breast Cancer
Pushing The Gay Agenda On Kids
Arizona Governor Looses Cojones Over Illegal Immigration
A 'Suicide Bombing' For The World To Hear?
U.S. Employers Actively Recruiting Illegal Aliens

April 17, 2006

The frightening truth of why Iran wants a bomb
On Defining Our Enemy: It's Jihadism With A Capital 'J'
Democratization--The Implicit If-Then of the Iraq War
HarryTho 4/17 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Ginger 'may fight ovarian cancer'
Ashamed In Egypt: Sectarian Violence Continues
On Shia Iran And Islam As A False Religion
Another Palestinian Murders More Israelis: But It's 'Israel's Fault'?
Dems Work At 'Finding Religion'
'Alienated From Islam'
Iran becomes UN disarmament leader
More On Iran: It Happens 'In every generation'
On Iran - It's a difficult situation, and it's going to get worse!

April 16, 2006

On Retired Generals And Small Minds
Egypt civil war watch
'A Message From Gavin and Sebastian'

April 15, 2006

Good Friday Was A Bad Friday In Egypt
Conservative Blogger Resigns Over a Mohammed Cartoon

April 14, 2006

Zarqawi, al Qaeda Admit Defeat
Pro-Life Display Vandalized at Northern Kentucky University
Posting Delayed Today For Funeral Of Gavin And Sebastian Rosado
Comedy Central Logos - The Media Dhimmitude Is Complete!
The Fruits Of Serial Amnesty For Millions Of Illegal Aliens
HarryTho 4/14 Natalee Holloway Commentary

April 13, 2006

Is Islam the Enemy?
Bahraini Reformist: "In the Beginning There Was Man, Not Religion"
CBS Poll Shows Sinking Perceptions Of Islam - And Their Article Insults Americans
'Islamic terrorism' phrase to be banned from EU lexicon
Spared on 9-11: Tragedy Sparks Renewed Faith
A Few Words Of Wisdom On Immigration - From Theodore Roosevelt
Harvard Study Shows Political Parties Should Court 'Religious Centrists'
Vote Hillary - What A Doll
HarryTho 3/12 Natalee Holloway Commentary

April 12, 2006

Transcript Of Flight 93 Voice Recorder
Turning The Illegal Immigration Issue Into A Huge Winner For The GOP In 2006
Islamists Post Apostate Hit List
GOP Cowers To Illegal Aliens
76-year-old Greek Orthodox Monk Beaten By Villagers In West Bank
'' In The News
Talking About Iran, Uranium, And The Upcoming War
The 'Real' Bomb Scare

April 11, 2006

Big Pharaoh on the Move
Democrats Recruiting at Illegal Immigrant Protests
Catholic priest arrested and expelled from Riyadh
Amnesty For Illegal Aliens From The New York Times
GOP Suffering From Dem's 'Agenda Mongering' (alternative title: 'Indifference and dithering in D.C.')
Video/Photo Essay of Illegal Alien Demonstration In D.C. (Viva Raza In D.C.)
Drug Companies 'Disease-mongering' For Profit
U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar

April 10, 2006

HarryTho 4/10 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Middle East, Democracy, and Iran
What does Iran Want?
Vitamin C Shots For Cancer?
French Government Surrenders To Anarchists: Is U.S. Following The French Model?
Steyn's 'Must Read' On Immigration Reform
Translated Documents Show Saddam Planned Suicide Missions Against U.S.
Illegal Alien Organizers Back With New Tactics: Now "Putting Lips On Pigs"
Ramsey Clark Up To His Old Leftist Tricks
European Imams Pledge To Work Toward Showing Islam Compatible With Western Values

April 9, 2006

Family Looses Second Child From Fire: Sabastian Rosado Has Passed Away

April 7, 2006

HarryTho 4/7 Natalee Holloway Commentary
On 'Mexico's Glass House'
'Training To Kill'
U.S. Senate Says Politics More Important Than Nation!
Delayed and Light Posting Today
Egypt 'Going Taliban' ?
Increase in eye infections - warning for contact lens users

April 6, 2006

Firefighter Dives Through Window In Failed Attempt To Save Child (Important Update Below)
HarryTho 4/6 Natalee Holloway Commentary
A Message from a Gold Star Mother
Islamist In Norway: 'No Peace Between West & Islam Until Islamic Caliphate is Re-established'
Abortion Advocates Clearly Wrong: New Study Shows Premature Babies Feel 'Intense' Pain
'Things Are Terribly Bad In Iraq And Getting Worse' - Really?
South Park Takes On Islamists
Rapists tried to blame cultural background for their actions

April 5, 2006

The Fukuyama-Garfinkle Muddle on Terrorism and Fostering Democracy
HarryTho 4/5 Natalee Holloway Commentary
More On The NBC Staging Of News
Pro Illegal Alien Support By Communist Groups - Strange Bedfellows Or Under-reported Agenda? (Updated)
Bahraini MPs want Islamic law to curb crime
"i want 2 join in any terrorist group"
Only in the movies: 'Hollywood Whore To Play Catholic Nun'
What Do The Illegal Mexicans Really Want? Think Aztlan And Get Angry!
Iran Goes Disney With Stealth MIRV Platform, Underwater Missles, And - Now A 'Flying Boat'?
Crazy Cynthia Has Few Friends In Dem's Caucus
Cox2 inhibitors play a role in fighting some cancers?
Ginger and pepper - anticancer therapy of the future?

April 4, 2006

HarryTho 4/4 Natalee Holloway Commentary
NBC - Working Hard To 'Make News'
Mock Yale Application Highlights 'Absurdity' of School Admitting Former Taliban Envoy
'Enough is enough Jafari'
Islamists Have No Sense Of Humor - And About Islamists, Neither Should We!
On Islam, Apostacy, And Freedom

April 3, 2006

Lab-grown Bladder An Important Step In Replacing Diseased Tissues And Organs
Does Non-Western Culture Prevent Democratization?
Can Islam and democracy coexist in Afghanistan?
HarryTho 4/3 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Zimbabwe Crisis Worsens
Downloadable Movies ...
South Korea: Robots in Every Home
Populists Beware Of Immigration Reform?
Churches are being destroyed in Pakistan
Who Is This Crazy Lady? (Updated)
What Can We Learn From The Jill Carroll Release?
On Killing for Allah in North Carolina
Iran Training Suicide Bombers To Kill Brits

April 2, 2006

How To Keep The Peace -- Understand Power
Pope John Paul remembered around the world
Cartoon Jihad Sparks 'Ya Mohhamed' As Internet Jihad
Catholic Masses for the Blairs at No 10
Record-Breaking Rainy Month in Hawaii Ends
Jill Carroll Rejects Statements Made in Iraq
September 11, 2001 WTC 911 Tapes - Edited and Enhanced
Those Muhammad Cartoons - More on the story that just won't die!

April 1, 2006

Those Latino immigrant-rights organizers and their sympathizers: About Civil Rights - Or Just Lawlessness?
What Islam says on religious freedom
Article: A Historical Perspective On 'Islam's Imperial Dreams'