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March 27, 2006

What Are 'Members of the Occupation Army of Mexico' ( and we're talking about the occupation of America)?

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

MOAMs-741520.jpgSo who are "Members of the Occupation Army of Mexico" and why are these open-border thugs beating up a member of the Indiana Minutemen during a protest outside a bank that extends mortgage loans to illegals?

Michelle Malkin has the story.

Reconquista asks, "where's the outrage that Mexican thugs can beat up US citizens in their own country?".

We might particularly ask where's the INS, ICE, the FBI, the local police, and of course where in the hell is the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and the rest of the bad news bears?

Posted by Richard at March 27, 2006 6:21 PM

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