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March 9, 2006

The Iranian Woman: Alienated and Suppressed

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iranian_women.jpgTheir peaceful protest against abuse was met by the Iranian government with (you guessed it) abuse:

Demanding freedom for women and political prisoners, protesters in Iran gathered Wednesday to celebrate International Women's Day, only to be beaten by police. According to one of the organizers in Tehran - Mehri Amiri of the Society for Defense of Women's Rights in Iran - about 2,000 protesters gathered in Laleh Park, but were immediately attacked. She said 300 were able to make it into the park to voice their opposition to religious fundamentalism in Iran and the subjugation of women that they allege has accompanied the fundamentalism. "On this day, in different countries of the world, they give presents to women, congratulate them and commemorate this day of national celebration. They heed women for their increasing activities and steadfastness," said a statement from the Women's Rights Association of Iran.

CNS News

Why does violence, tyranny and oppression seem idiosyncratic to Islamic governments? Certainly the actions of the government reflect the core beliefs of its (Islamic) leaders. Yet, Amiri's courage shows that there is hope for the Iranian people. Her request of the world is to cut the Iranian government off and to starve its economy. She argued that money the Iranian government earns from petroleum is spent on weapons. "What we are asking from the world is to stop appeasing the Iranian government. The government must completely go away and the regime must be changed."


Iranian Women March for Freedom - As was predicted, the police and a militia group called Hezbollah attacked and beat them, using electric batons.

Posted by tim at March 9, 2006 10:47 PM

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