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March 7, 2006

TCS Daily On The 'Holy Roman Empire USA'

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When I first heard about the new town of Ave Maria, Florida, I had mixed feelings about it. Even though I'm a Catholic, I wasn't sure whether to look at it as a great town to live in or one a step backward toward withdrawing from the secular world around us. Then when I read Human Events columnist Mac Johnson's comment, "What do you bet this town will have low crime, high test scores, good neighbors, a healthy rate of reproduction, and be sued every day that it exists by the ACLU?", I changed my mind when I realized that it's a great way to keep the ACLU and Planned Parenthood busy for the next ten years, diverting much of their attention and much of their money in the direction of a target that can well afford to take them to the proverbial cleaners (in terms of both their act and their wallets). That' my kind of town!

Today, James Pinkerton weighs in at TCS Daily:

(...) The Liberal-Left Establishment has never liked suburbia and exurbia, which are dismissed as "sprawl." And we know what the Liberal Left thinks of the Catholic Church. So what do you suppose Liberal Lefties think about a plan for a Catholic exurb? Talk about a bad twofer, in their eyes. Even worse, the new town of Ave Maria, Florida is being bankrolled by Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza, the leading conservative Catholic philanthropist in the world. Yikes! No wonder it's so easy for the mainstream media to descend into name-calling -- The Times of London has mocked him as "the pizza pope," and it's likely to get worse in the future.

(...) On the other hand, Monaghan is not without resources on his side. And by resources, I mean not only his own billion or so in wealth, much of which he has given away already. But the greater resource he has is the tradition of the Catholic Church, and its proven power, over two millennia, to create and sustain institutions. So while nobody can know the future of Ave Maria, the town, here's a prediction: It will be around longer than the Liberal-Left Establishment.

Read more to get Pinkerton's full take on the town, and it's chances of beating back the liberal lefties.

Posted by Richard at March 7, 2006 9:36 AM

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