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March 6, 2006

Shark Sightings Cose Beaches In Hawaii

Topics: Hawaiian News, Human Interest

tiger_shark.jpg Apparently tiger sharks can grow up to 18 ft long, but I can believe that when one 12-feet long is seen, it's time to close the beach. The last reported shark attack on O'ahu was Feb. 16, 2005, when a shark bit a surfer's board off Sunset Beach:

City ocean safety officials yesterday closed two beaches in Makaha because of shark sightings.

The first closure, at Makaha Beach, was made about 10:30 a.m. during a heat of the Buffalo's Big Board Surfing Classic because of a reported shark sighting, said Ocean Safety & Lifeguard Services Lt. Kelly Krohne. Competition resumed 45 minutes later.

Officials later saw a 12-foot tiger shark behind the Hawaiian Princess at Makaha Beach condominium and time-share and closed Lahilahi Beach about 1:30 p.m. for the remainder of the afternoon, Krohne said.

It was not known if the shark at Lahilahi was the same one at Makaha Beach, Krohne said.

Lt. Christine Serania of Securitas, which provides security services at the Hawaiian Princess, said the shark at Lahilahi was first sighted by a beachgoer about 12:45 p.m., swimming between some divers and the reef about 40 yards offshore.


Tiger sharks are one of three main shark species known to attack humans, and are responsible for most shark attacks in Hawaii.

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