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March 13, 2006

Rakan Ben Williams: New Islamist Super Hero To Be Feared - Or Just Another Comic Jihadi

Topics: Understanding Islam
Rakan Ben Williams_jihadi scum.jpg

So who is, if he exists at all, Rakan Ben Williams? I like intrigue just as much as the next guy, and a story about some mysterious Islamist super hero offering "The Last Warning To The American People," is as hard to resist as it is to take seriously, given on one hand the jihadists' propensity for bravado and threats, often more worthy of comic books than media front pages, and on the other - their willingness to murder innocent people in the name of their resident idiot prophet, leader, imam, allah, or any other excuse to which they can attribute their mindless hate, violence and thugery. And while we're on the topic, I despise helping our enemies with their propaganda machine, and have a special dislike for feeding their egos with the false impression that we are afraid of the Islamist pigs. There's a big difference in protecting our homes, loved ones, and way of life and being afraid of what Islamofascists want to do to us. But they don't understand the difference in their state of blind religious zeal for what they believe "Allah" want's of them.

However, with all of these things in mind, it would be irresponsible to ignore the story altogether. So in the interest of "what if" the warning has anything to do with reality, I'm going to at least recognize that the story exists (unlike our media), and point readers to where they can learn more about the warning and also the nutcase person, real or imaginary, behind it.

Vinnie at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy sort of "discovered" the story in some comments at LGF, and subsequently performed a Google News search that turned up two hits - the SITE Institute and World Net Daily. He came up with nothing from the MSM.

Apparently, Patrick at Clarity and Resolve (via MVRWC) covered the story back in November.

Michelle Malken points to an excerpt of the Society for Internet Research's analysis of a November 2005 terror threat from "Rakan ben Williams, which in my opinion, offers the best analysis I've seen so far: The Next Generation of Jihadi Terrorists in Europe"

(...) We don't know who has in fact written the message, but the name chosen for the "Jihadi super hero"--Rakan--reminds us of a legendary Islamic hero of the Middle Ages, who was born in Arabia, and fought against the Mongols in Iraq and Persia. Recently he became a hero of a Middle Eastern comic series as Rakan the "lone warrior."

(...) The analysis is quite simple, yet sarcastic, and attempts to present a very clear and well-organized strategic plan of the attacks against Western targets

While Europe was expecting an attack in Italy by Arabs, Al-Qaeda attacked in an unexpected place--London--and by British citizens of Pakistani origin. Once again the West was surprised by the Mujahidin, and started planning the deportation of all extremist or illegal Muslims from Europe.

The response of Al-Qaeda to the steps taken by Europe against its Muslims is therefore, to use European citizens--Christian converts to Islam who support global Jihad--in the next attacks. The model is "Rakan ben Wilyamz"--born and raised in the West; has studied in its educational system; prayed in their churches; drank alcoholic beverage; ate pork, and hated Muslims. But then he secretly became a devoted Muslim, adopted the philosophy of Al-Qaeda, and now he and his alike are wandering in Europe and the United States, gathering information and planning their next attacks. "Is the West ready for them?" asks Rakan Ben Wilyamz from Europe, who is "thirsty for martyrdom."

I find myself much in agreement with SIRA's opinion that intelligence and security services and Western publics should regard the message, despite its arrogant nature, carefully, and take it seriously. The population of Western converts to Islam is not too big to handle for Western security services, and by now, many of us in the West have already become far more suspicious of Islamic societies and especially the mouthpieces for Islmofascism and terrorism in the West - Muslim groups like CAIR and the Wahabbi mosques in the U.S. funded by our un-friends, the Saudis. Be sure to read all of the SIRA report.

I believe that this story pointed to by Michelle Malken, "Stripped of havens, Al-Qaeda turns to 'media jihad', helps to put the issue into a proper perspective. In the Raken ben Williams/Wilyamz story we are witnessing the output of al-Qaeda's media jihad, and it's up to us in the West to take into account what little useful information it contains, then counter the Islamists' propaganda machine more effectively than we've been doing so far. As the Daily Star piece says, the emergence of the Islamists' media jihad is testament to the weight now being placed by Islamist militants on winning over minds to their cause through new media in the absence of any physical command headquarters. In other words, having been chased out of havens, havens that they LOST because they FAILED to win in battle, they are now working on the hearts and minds of the weak-minded and emotionally disfunctional misfits of society (we're addressing their emotional stability here, not their itellect) that find Islam attractive - only to be "turned" into being traitors to their nation, civilization, and culture and subsequently being converted into Islamic terrorists.

Readers will find additional commentary in the comments section at Jihad Watch, and at sites such as Right on the Right and Stop The ACLU.

Posted by Richard at March 13, 2006 7:55 AM

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