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March 31, 2006

Morning Reads

Topics: Catch-up News Items of the day

Here's a few news items for you to consume with your morning coffee or tea:

Jill Carroll says she's just glad to be free.

Russia's Kommersant says in "Pots and Kettles Redux" that the UN Security Council joint statement on the Iranian nuclear problem was couched in perfectly correct and even conciliatory tones - and it's basically Nowhere's-ville, butkus, it means nothing (although they phrase it a bit differently).

The San Francisco Chronicle tells us that the U.S. Senate begins passionate immigration debate today, and we all know that short of some miracle, the outcome is likely a trip to the same ville as the Iran situation, except of course finding away to couch a reward to 12 million people for breaking the law.

France's top constitutional body has ruled that a youth employment law which sparked weeks of protest is legal, so now the question is whether or not the spineless and whimsy Jacques Chirac will sign it.

There's a huge shakeup in Iran - unfortunately it's of the earthquake variety.

Also Iran-related, they've successfully test-fired a missile with radar-dodging and multi-targeting capabilities in a naval maneuver. No big deal, just another say in the life of WW III.

A peace activist held hostage in Iraq for nearly four months says he believes a ransom was paid for his freedom - good that he's free, bad if a ransome was paid. Of course the peaceniks had no business being there in the first place.

... the latest security incidents in Iraq on Friday as of 0900 GMT.

Iran, up to it's ears in terrorism and Islamofascism, and now we hear that the Islamic regime has increased its financial help to several European Nazi and Far-Right groups, especially, in France, Germany and Austria.

We'll update this a bit throughout the day with items we believe to be of interest that we don't do full posts on.

Posted by Richard at March 31, 2006 7:10 AM

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