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March 29, 2006

Mexican illegals vs. American voters

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Tony Blankley on those proud and foolish senators who are hastening their own political demise:

It is lucky America has more than two centuries of mostly calm experience with self-government. We are going to need to fall back on that invaluable patrimony if the immigration debate continues as it has started this season. The Senate is attempting to legislate into the teeth of the will of the American public. The Senate Judiciary Committeemen -- and probably a majority of the Senate -- are convinced that they know that the American people don't know what is best for them.
Regarding the Senate's and the president's guest-worker proposals, Blankley points to The Post's Robert Samuelson's comments: "Gosh, they're all bad ideas ... We'd be importing poverty. This isn't because these immigrants aren't hardworking, many are. Nor is it because they don't assimilate, many do. But they generally don't go home, assimilation is slow and the ranks of the poor are constantly replenished.

Yes, there's much more...

Let your United States Senator know how you feel about having illegals forced down your throat.

Posted by Richard at March 29, 2006 11:20 AM

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