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March 4, 2006

Iranian Martyr Forces on Alert to Move Into Iraq

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Via MEMRI, the Iranian reformist Internet daily Rooz reported on March 2, 2006 that "the Iranian martyrdom-seeking [i.e. suicide] forces have launched a website, called 'To Die as a Martyr,' and have declared an alert among the Iranian martyrdom-seeking forces."

These excerpts exemplify the insanity of it all:

(...) "Thousands of Young Martyrdom-Seeking Iranians are Counting the Minutes Until They Can Give Their Souls"

(...) "With the launch of its operations, the Headquarters website also posted religious justification for martyrdom operations, and registration for volunteers. In this section of the site, titled 'A Religious Commandment,' it states: 'According to Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, there is a consensus among clerics that when the enemy attacks one of the Muslim lands, jihad becomes an obligation incumbent upon all. [In such a case,] a woman can participate [in jihad] without her husband's permission, and a son without his father's permission...'"

- (site now down).

These people are truly of a different mentality than that of rational beings. Radicalism and religious fanaticism falls far short of explaining their obsession with death and such fervent belief in a theocratic system as violent and absent of compassion, as we see in radical Islam. Thanks to the dark plague of Islamists, the world is now in great danger of dying as it exists today, only to be reborn sometime not too distant in the future as it previously existed in the middle ages, having been pulled back by unchecked Muhammadism.

Where are those moderate Muslims when we need them?

Martyrs Never Die: The distinctive characteristic of a martyr is that he charges the atmosphere with courage and zeal. He revives the spirit of valor and fortitude ... among the people who have lost it. That is why Islam is always in need of martyrs. -- Undated Iranian handbook in English, The Martyr

Posted by Richard at March 4, 2006 3:42 PM

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