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March 7, 2006

Illini Follies and the Mohammed Cartoons

Topics: Media, Understanding Islam

Several weeks ago the Daily Illini re-published images of the Danish Mohammed editorial cartoons and invoked the rage of the politically correct crowd. Executive management took immediate and unprecedented action against the paper's staff (see Censored, Suspended and Betrayed ) and suspended the editors involved, removed the offending article from the internet (we published captured images here), called for investigative staff meetings, and scheduled reprogramming sensitivity training for its employees.

Although the original suspension was for two weeks pending an investigation, the editors are now on indefinite leave, a decision that was made last week one day after meetings with several prominent Muslims.

Now, in a move that reeks of hypocrisy, the paper has published an editorial equating the Christian right in America to terrorists (i.e., radical Islam). The double standard is striking. It is unacceptable to talk about the connection between Islamic terrorism and radical Islam because that's "hate speech", but one can defecate all over the Bible and that's "enlightened" speech.

The irony is that the editorial takes aim at a town that doesn't exist; it is being built and those who live there will do so by choice [more here by Richard]. The only control being asserted is by anti-Christian extremists who are indignant that a group of individuals, by choice, have agreed to develop and live in a community that is free from rampant porn and promiscuity.

No one will be forced to live there. While Catholic, the values of that town largely map to any conservative branch of Christianity. According to the Daily Illini's editorial, living in a community of that nature is a preference that cannot be tolerated because it resembles the society responsible for international terrorism.

While greater sensitivity is required by the Daily Illini's staff toward international Islamic terrorists, today's editorial opines, "Our health, our children and our culture are being damaged by the actions of the Christian right."

A friend of mine from Illinois suggests that bloggers and readers either call or write the Daily Illini (217-337-8300 - you can also mail the interim editor at )

Posted by Hyscience at March 7, 2006 12:00 PM

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