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March 31, 2006

Hello Illegals: 'Forget those Mexican flags'

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

And that's coming from a "Mexican-American" (I've never understood this hyphened nationality/race bullhockey) who says he comes down on the American side of the hyphen:

(...) Congress is embroiled in the most meaningful debate on immigration policy since President Reagan signed an amnesty law in 1986 -- and the new dialogue touches on guest workers, border fences, another round of amnesty and more. Yet the one thing many Americans want to talk about is those darned Mexican flags.

(...) At the youth protests, the individuals carrying those flags should have instead carried their butts back to school.

(...) Inspired by the 500,000 protesters who marched in Los Angeles last weekend (in part because of Spanish-language disc jockeys who coordinated the turnout) and incensed by efforts in Congress to make unauthorized presence in the United States a felony and extend the definition of smugglers to include churches and others who "assist" illegal immigrants, thousands of young Latinos stormed out of classes this week.

(...) Protests and waving Mexican flags are no substitute for progress and hard work.

(...) Some people are worried that the protests over the immigration debate represent a breaking point. But they don't really. It is more like a teaching moment. And it's our young hell-raisers who have the most to learn.

That's the part he got right. While I disagree with most of the rest he has to say, he has a much better perspective than those macho Mexican Latino-fascists screaming for a take-over of America.

And just when I was feeling good about a "Mexican-American" having his head "sort of" on straight, I found this Chicago Sun-Times piece that says that the Illegal immigrants are safe for at least 3 years. In other words, absolutely nothing is likely to come of all this illegal immigration hoopla until after the November elections, and even then the argument as to how long we are going to keep allowing our country to be flooded with illegals and those already here to stay - may very well end up with the politicians in Washington agreeing to let them stay a minimum of three years - and likely to infinity!

The take home message for the politicians is "Quit posturing, stop illegal immigrants", period!!!

Posted by Richard at March 31, 2006 10:42 AM

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