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March 9, 2006

HarryTho 3/9 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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With the lawsuit in limbo for two months, I will revisit our runaway scenario from the early days of the investigation.

From those readers who have not reviewed many of our earlier (mid-2005) editorials, it would behoove you to do so. Some in-depth research was done in order to uncover sex trade routes and destinations. When I checked our blog's search engine, it listed some 20 past editorials. Some editorials will have maps and identify sex industry establishments.

I revisited this topic, because it is becoming more and more plausible that Natalee Holloway either ran away or was abducted during what she felt was a runaway enterprise. Without any forensic evidence and no confessions from three teenagers, we have to face reality: Natalee is probably alive and in not so good a shape.

As we mentioned last summer, Peninsula de Paraguana, Venezuela is less than an hour away by fastboat. Although we have been reminded that the water-scape between Aruba and Venezuela is closely monitored, we must remind that cocaine routinely makes this transit undetected. Our readers can decide for themselves how that is possible. More so, illegal immigrants make the same transit without detection. I am not downplaying the efforts of the Aruban surveillance, because we have the same shenanigans going on at our US borders. I am just not naive.

If Natalee felt that she was just going for a boat ride in order to see sharks or maybe some sightseeing at night (lit
shorelines look impressive from afloat), she could have been duped into a false sense of security. The Aruban police probably wrestled with this scenario, as well.

Clearly, no one is talking about anything unusual ongoing that night. One hotel worker claimed that she heard a scream when two dark-skinned individuals took a girl into their car near the Palm Beach area. The police apparently ruled that incident as a routine inter-sex exchange between parties who knew one another. So, the Palm Beach area was quiet on the night in question. No one was abducted from that area. More so, no one was murdered there, and the area subsequently sanitized for forensic evidence.

Natalee Holloway had to have left the Palm Beach area on her own accord. Joran stated that Natalee wanted to stay out all night. It is conceivable that she did just that. The Marriott Beach area near the Fisherman's Huts is a known lover's cove. It is quite possible that she ran into another couple and moved on to another site away from Palm Beach. If she had encountered trouble there, someone would have said something by now. Obviously, she did not.

Was the other couple sailors? They could set sail easily on a sloop, at first light, and eased out of the harbor. Before anyone knew Natalee was missing, she was out to sea. Maybe, it was just innocent sailing. Maybe, they were returning to another island.

If, as Joran claims, Natalee expressed words indicating that she may not have wanted to return to Alabama. Of course, many will call Joran a liar. But, I will add, that by not trusting Joran and the Kalpoes, we have achieved absolutely nothing in 9 months! Maybe, Joran is not lying about Natalee's desires. She may have wanted a way out.

Natalee would not be the first Mainlander to fall in love with island living. Islands do have a way captivating one's imagination. Natalee could be living on Bonaire.

Info Bonaire - The Official Bonaire Web Site

Bonaire would be a good fastboat ride from Aruba. In a sailboat, it would be even more fun.


We have many options left to research.

With Aloha,
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Posted by Richard at March 9, 2006 8:31 PM

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