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March 3, 2006

HarryTho 3/3 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

This evening, I will continue and complete my deconstruction of the novelette within the lawsuit 102254/2006. Part F: Joran's First Set of Lies, did not produce much in support of the Causes for Action demanded by the plaintiffs. With a little clarification to the story, it does not appear that Joran's statements vary that much from the official transcript. And, it could be argued that the variation protects Natalee Holoway's character more than the real accounts.

Page 9 Part G: Joran's Second Set of Lies:

Allegation 56: In the second version of the story, Joran claimed that Deepak and Satish dropped him off at home at 1:40 a.m. on May 30 (10 minutes after leaving C&C), and that Deepak and Satish agreed to take Natalee to her hotel.

From the best accounts of record, Deepak and Satish did stop at Joran's home around this time. What differs is that Joran continued on in the car with Natalee to the Marriott Beach which is near her hotel. Once again, this version seems more protective of Natalee's character than mischievous. By omitting the encounter between Joran and Natalee at the Marriott Beach, little of Natalee's escapades get revealed.

Allegation 57: Joran claimed that he telephoned Deepak at around 3:30 a.m. to ask, "How's it going? Did you drop the girl off at the Holiday Inn?

There seems to be confirmation that an interchange of this nature did occur at around 3:30 a.m. Though, from the latest revelations, it just appears that Joran just informed Deepak that he arrived home safely. This seems normal, as Deepak cherished his car, and he had allowed Satish to drive in order to pick up Joran at the Fisherman's Huts. The only addition is that the Kalpoe brothers dropped the girl off at the Holiday Inn. Whether or not, the Kalpoes brothers did do that is yet to be determined.

Page 10-Allegation 58: This story is also a lie.

From the latest revelations, this story appears to fall short of the precise truth. However, we remain uncertain, as to whether or not it is a lie. If it is a lie, it, likewise, falls short of the untruths spread by the plaintiffs about the defendants.

Page 10: Part H: Joran's Third Story:

Allegation 59: In Joran's third rendition of the facts, he and Natalee left C&C and ended up next to a fisherman's hut on the beach next to the Marriott Beach, a half mile north of the Holiday Inn.

This allegation seems to track with the latest rendition of events that occurred on the night in question. And, in reality, this third alleged rendition was little different from the first two alleged stories.

Allegation 60: Joran told this version of the story to the Aruban police in June 13, 2005 interview that he said was now the truth.

This allegation appears to be the truth.

Allegation 61: Joran then claimed that, because "he had school the next day," he telephoned Deepak to come and pick him and Natalee up so that they could be brought back to their hotel.

This allegation does not represent the statements on record. As has been reported, Joran called Deepak to pick only him up and take him home. There was no mention of taking Natalee back to her hotel. According to Joran's statements on record with the Aruban authorities, Natalee refused to return to her hotel.

Allegation 62: According to Joran, when he returned to the fisherman's hut, Natalee was sleeping on the beach.

This allegation does not match the statements on record with the Aruban authorities. Joran left Natalee on the beach near the Fisherman's Huts. He made a phone call to Deepak Kalpoe and waited for his ride. Natalee remained on the beach.

Allegation 63: Although he tried his best to wake her or to carry her to the car, she insisted on being left alone.

This allegation does not match the statements on record with the Aruban police. Natalee was not asleep. She merely refused to return to the hotel. Although Joran did try to carry her, Natalee refuse to be carried.

Allegation 64: Joran claimed that he left Natalee (and his shoes) on the beach next to that fisherman's hut.

Declarations of record indicate that Joran did leave Natalee on the beach near the Fisherman's Huts; however, his shoes were at least a quarter mile away near the Marriott Beach. Much of the confusion with this allegation stems from the fact that either the Fisherman's Huts beach area or the Marriott Beach were synonymous with the Holiday Inn Beach at one time.

Allegation 65: Only Joran -- along Deepak, Satish and perhaps Paulus -- knows what became of Natalee.

This allegation ignores a wealth of possibilities as to the eventual outcome of Natalee's whereabouts. To center the last allegation of this little novelette on these four individuals is akin to the person searching for a key, at night, under a streetlight, because that is where the light is. This fallacy dates back to the Sophists, hinting that the author's logical reasoning is more than 2500 years in arrears.

In conclusion on the novelette, the entire narration can reduced to an IF-THEN proposition. IF Joran drugged and raped three young Aruban women, THEN the rest of the allegations may assume some substance. It should be clear that without confirmation that Joran drugged and raped three young Aruban women, the entire novelette is but a work of fiction with streaks of maliciousness. There exists allegations that approach authenticity; however, these allegations convey little, if anything, in support of what the author aspires to establish in order to commence the lawsuit's 102254/2006 cause for actions. The novelette fails miserably.

Over the weekend, I will explore the Cause For Action Sections in 102254/2006.

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