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March 30, 2006

HarryTho 3/30 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Despite the turtle-pace of events unfolding in Aruba, the Refugees site has uncovered what they refer to as FBI transcripts of the Natalee Holloway case. Apparently, during one of the Beth Twitty interviews on Fox News, the camera scanned the desk where Greta was reading from these transcripts. With the use of new technologies, posters over at the Refugees site slowed the down the scan of Greta's desk enough to be able to decipher some of the contents of the transcripts.

We should keep in mind that most of this information is quite damaging and disturbing. As such, we should be reminded that it comes from a transcript upon Greta of Fox News' desk. Whether this an official FBI document remains unknown. Also, we have no way of ascertaining whether or not this transcript was created from actual statements allegedly made by the persons identified in the transcripts.

With this caution in mind, the following has been deciphered:

Kathrine Madison Whatley 6/2

On Sunday night 05/29/2005 Whatley advised? a group of .... ate dinner. Holloway had a couple of alcoholic drinks .....
Holloway was drinking "red fires" which had "151" in them
......though she had a couple of drinks at dinner, Holloway "was not out of her mind".
While at dinner, Holloway was making a bet with whom Holloway would hook up Sunday night.
Whatley advised she did not actually make a bet
but just talking amongst other? girls.
Whatley thought that Holloway would hook up with Kevin Broday because Holloway was flirting with him.
After dinner, Whatley went to the ... casino with Holloway, Broughton, Merrill and Thorton? .
McV? had lost money the casino during the trip and
they went to the casino to help McV? win...They sat at a blackjack table. Holloway was not

Lee Ashford Broughton
Kathrine Madison Whatley
(told FBI in confidence and probably fearing Beths wrath)
Kevin Broday (for dragging his name in this horrible case)

and then it looks also to say something like about 8Confused? pm Holloway switched to a mixed drink containing Vodka.

Holloway had met Joran (?) during
the day on the beach.

As we can read from the aforementioned, the content of the statements, allegedly made to the FBI by Kathrine Whatley on 2 June 2005, are in contradistinction to what has been aired to the American public. From the foregoing, we acquire the following:

1. Natalee Holloway drank 151 rum prior to ever meeting Joran van der Sloot. Actually, Natalee Holloway was quite familiar with 151 rum in contradistinction to her mother's appeal to ignorance about the 151 rum.

2. Natalee Holloway had an amorous interest on the night in question with a classmate known as Kevin Broday.

3. Natalee Holloway was an experienced drinker of alcohol in that, she switched easily from 151 "Red Fires" to vodka. Likewise, this revelation conflicts with her mother's contention that the girls in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook were inexperienced drinkers.

In support of the foregoing that Natalee was an experienced drinker (as well as her classmates), we have the numerous images that we posted on March 28.

The question now becomes just how experienced were Natalee and her friends with alcohol? With this question, the Refugee transcribers were able to decipher an alleged statement to the FBI made by Lee Broughton:

Lee Ashford Broughton statement:

The daily routine for Broughton and Holloway was .... and get an alcohol drink
and go to the ocean? around .... morning. At around .... they would return to their room.... At 6:00 p.m. Broughton and Holloway would get ready to go....
dinner. After dinner Broughton and Holloway would go ....
Saturday, May 28, 2005; Holloway became very intoxicated and ... had to be escorted back to her room by Kevin Broday.
During the morning hours on Sunday, May 29, 2005 .... drinking mixed drinks called "red fires". The drinks .... Bacardi 151 and diet coke.
Holloway became .... and her friends told her to slow down. Holloway and
Broughton continued to drink troughout the day....

From Broughton's alleged statement, it appears that most days in Aruba were occupied with the drinking of alcohol: morning, afternoon and evening. What we can conclude from Broughton's statement is that:

1. Natalee Holloway routinely abused alcohol.

2. Natalee Holloway's abuse of alcohol required assistance from her classmates in order to return her to her room.

3. Natalee Holloway's roommates encouraged her to slow down her consumption of alcohol. It was not just any 80 proof alcohol, either. It was 151 proof alcohol ... twice the strength of normal alcohol ... for breakfast!!!

4. Natalee Holloway's "Breakfast of Champions" was Bicardi 151 and Diet Coke!

For a reasonable summation of the alleged statements made by Whatley and Broughton, I would first declare my lack of clinical accreditation with alcohol abusers and follow with my contention that Natalee Holloway and quite possibly Lee Broughton were alcoholics. Clearly, and, once again, I stress my lack of accreditation, Natalee Holloway was in dire need of counseling for alcohol abuse. This abuse did not originate in Aruba. Natalee Holloway was into serious abuse, before she ever got to Aruba. Accordingly, any contention by Beth Twitty that her daughter was a novice to drinking was specious.

When I recall, early on in the investigation, that Beth Twitty claimed that Anita van der Sloot was in denial about Joran's night time activities, I cannot help but envision just how blind with denial Beth Twitty has been. One does not become an alcoholic overnight. Alcoholism and the extensive consumption, reported in the statements of Whatley and Broughton, required sustained effort. One has to question just how much of the contents of these statements were privy to Beth & Jug Twitty.

When I review lawsuit 102254/2006, it seems that many of the "out-of-control" comments attributed to Joran van der Sloot were more appropriately affixed to Natalee Holloway and her friends.

Truly, this uncovering of these statements presents us with a dilemma. How long has Fox News been aware of these transcripts? How can "fair-and-balanced" Fox News edit such statements while airing other statements, made meaningless by these statements? The fact that these transcripts were highlighted in yellow by Fox News convicts Greta of suppression. Also, Greta once asked Beth Twitty, in the early days of the investigation, what Natalee had for breakfast. I recall Beth Twitty eluding the response. Did Greta of Fox News know in early June 2005 that Natalee Holloway had 151 rum for breakfast?

Natalee Holloway was not the person portrayed by the media. If anything, these transcripts attests that Natalee Holloway was the person condemned by the media ... only redirected to an innocent party. Why? For ratings?

We are confronted here with far more than lying. These statements attest to the egregious nature with which the last ten months have been manipulated by the media. With the revelation of these transcripts, Jamie Skeeter is not the exception. Jamie Skeeter becomes the poster boy for the cable news networks! It is no wonder that Jossy Mansur nestled in comfortably with the cable news networks. Furthermore, we now can easily incorporate all the questionable characters from the periphery of reality that found sanctuary with the cable news media.
As a recommendation, I would encourage the parents of all the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens, mentioned or portrayed in these transcripts and our editorials, to seek alcohol rehabilitation for their children. Their children have departed from the guidelines of the Mountain Brook Anti-Drug Coalition. They need professional help now.

With Aloha,
Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at March 30, 2006 9:40 PM

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