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March 28, 2006

HarryTho 3/28 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

This evening, I thought I would employ some pictures that we received from the Refugees blog in order to communicate some of the inconstancies that the cable news networks continually tend to overlook.

First, we have a statement of the effect that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens were a "top A" group. I believe Beth Twitty can be attributed with this compliment. Jug Twitty can be attributed with a statement to the effect that Natalee's classmates would not be devious and hide the truth from the authorities like the van der Sloots and Kalpoes.

In response to those two attributed statements, I present this picture:


Please note the number of vodka bottles: one fifth of Skyy and what appears to be two half-gallons. Undoubtedly, the bottles of Diet Coke and other beverages in blue-tinted bottles on the table are for mixers. Over on the far right, there appears to be a Kingdom of Mountain Brook gourmet box of crackers. The box of tissues is a nice touch, as well. At one glance, one realizes that these are upper class ladies.

When we juxtapose Alabama Code 28-5-1 {the legal drinking age for the state of Alabama at 21 years of age} with the photo above, one has to presume a condemning nature that this picture portrays. However, in true Kingdom of Mountain Brook spin, it is also true that none of these fine Alabama ladies are consuming anything ... not even a gourmet cracker. Maybe they just posed for a future Kingdom of Mountain Brook advertisement for the Mountain Brook Anti-Drug Coalition.

Second, another statement of sorts. attributed to Beth Twitty, is that Natalee Holloway never used drugs. And, presumably, never broke the law with respect to drugs. Her drinking in Aruba was lawful, as the drinking age was 18 years of age. To that attributed statement, I present this photo:


And, this picture:


In this picture, the gentleman on the left seems to holding a recognizable can of Bud Light. As in the prior spin, truly, the gentleman is not drinking ... nor is Natalee Holloway.

And then there's this picture:


Once again, no one is drinking. Not being from Alabama, I do not know for what purpose that people employ tinted-plastic cups or short beer glasses.

This picture is even more puzzling, given the promotion that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens were "top A" in social appraisal:


These two glasses, held by the ladies on either end of the group, appear to be champagne glasses. I suppose in an upper class community, even ginger ale is sipped from champagne glasses.

I find sanctuary with the picture below, because the bottle in the gentleman's left hand appears to be mouthwash. His facial expression is probably some common Kingdom of Mountain Brook gesture. The tinted-plastic cup in his right hand, obviously, will be used to contain mouthwash.


In this next picture, we actually have a young man in the act of drinking.


After some reflection, I suspect the contents of the brown, beer-bottle-shaped container, pressed against the young man's mouth holds root beer. I suppose root beer floats are popular with the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. The dead giveaway was the open, yellow-fluid-containing bottle, resembling a liquor bottle (anisette or something), on the table to the gentleman's right. I suspect the bottle contains vanilla for added flavoring to their root beer floats. Since it is still open, he probably just poured some into his beverage.

The following picture represents someone who obviously crashed the "Top A" party:


Perhaps I am mistaken, but that can, partially inserted into the gal's mouth, does seem to read Bud Light. Of course, it is probably a special 3.2 beer for the consumption only within the confines of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook. The authorization label from the Mountain Brook Anti-Drug Coalition and the Alabama Legislature is probably on the other side of the can.

Interestingly, this same gal appears in a picture with Natalee Holloway above. And, if I am not mistaken, she appears in the middle of the two ladies holding the champagne glasses.

Here she is again with another of Natalee Holloway's close friends:


Wouldn't you know it, she is holding one of those tinted-plastic cups like Natalee was holding in the picture above. Could it contain mouthwash?

This picture, obviously, was made in order to promote the Kingdom of Mountain Brook root beer floats:


The twist of lime in the beer glass is a nice touch to add to the empty Corona Light bottle. One gets the impression that the ladies have enjoyed their stay at this table. Of course, these are not beer mugs, these are root beer mugs. We must remember that despite when this picture was taken, the ladies in the picture have not aged sufficiently in order to reach the legal drinking age in Alabama. Of course, this picture could have been taken in Aruba. In which case, the empty beer mugs would act as a testament to responsible drinking.

This picture has a nice touch:


Those are margarita glasses! Looks like their contents are lemon-lime and root beer.

However, one spins the above posted photos, I believe one conclusion seems evident. Beth Twitty has codified it in lawsuit 102254/2006 in Allegation 82-83 " ... knew that his minor child ... engaged in drinking ... created a permissive environment, utterly without boundaries ...."

This was precisely the danger about which the Mountain Brook Anti-Drug Coalition preached their guidelines. Truly, the photos above are no advertisement for those guidelines. Accordingly, one has to appraise the depth of social responsibility assigned to Beth & Jug Twitty's reference to a "Top A" group labeling amongst Natalee's classmates and friends.

With Aloha,
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Posted by Richard at March 28, 2006 9:09 PM

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