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March 24, 2006

HarryTho 3/24 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Updated)

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This evening I'll attempt to revisit the alcohol-drug overdose scenario currently being held as the prime factor in the alleged death of Natalee Holloway by the Aruban authorities. Earlier today, another article appeared discussing this overdose possibility:

Did Natalee Holloway Die Of Drug And Alcohol Complications?

When this topic was first researched back in January 2006, an Aruban poster with ties to Police Chief Dompig informed us that a courier had been identified and interviewed over his relationship with the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens and, in specific, Natalee Holloway. I believe our entire expose can be found in our editorials and their accompanying comment sections from 20 January 2006 onward. One particular editorial seems to encompass much of our research with links to other editorials covering portions of the research:

I would encourage our readers to review this editorial and the links provided therein. I believe this editorial reveals that a blue-eyed Dutch boy courier-ed drugs to the Kingdom of Mountain brook teens while they resided in the Holiday Inn. Of what those drugs consisted has not been revealed to us, but I suspect that Police Chief Dompig and the Aruban investigative team do know the identity and potency of the drugs ... as well as which students obtained them. Our source specifically identified Natalee Holloway as one of the recipients of the blue-eyed Dutch boy's commodities.

Please understand that our editorial of 31 January 2006 and its links do not paint a pretty picture of the affairs conducted within the Holiday Inn. However, it warrants mention that drugs are prevalent no matter where one travels on vacation. It should not come as a surprise that needs can be filled where and when those need arise.

From the airings of the cable news networks, it becomes apparent that Natalee Holloway was consuming alcohol earlier in the day with her girlfriends. How much is as of yet undetermined. However, given recent releases by the cable news networks, and some admission from her father, it would appear that the earlier position, stated by the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens, that the students only engaged in "responsible drinking" fell short of reality and the guidelines of the Mountain Brook Anti-Drug Coalition.

Here is a picture of two of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens (close friends of Natalee Holloway), exhibiting the glow emanating from "responsible drinking":


I suspect the above picture would be rejected as an advertisement of the success enjoyed by the Mountain Brook Anti-Drug Coalition and the Alabama Legislature.

From the foregoing, I would have to conclude that Natalee Holloway consumed a considerable amount of alcohol on the evening in question. I should also add that Police Chief Dompig stated that he has declarations that Natalee Holloway consumed cocktails for breakfast ... a practice attributed more to "seasoned" drinkers than devout chaplains. We must recall that Natalee Holloway was only 18-years-old at the time of these declarations.

I should remind our readers that excessive alcohol consumption alone can place someone in an alcohol induced coma. The addition of drugs to the mixture (Confederate Cocktail) can only increase the probability that Natalee Holloway succumbed to an overdose from abuse of alcohol and drugs.

As you can read from this article from WSBTV, such an overdose is not uncommon amongst children the age of Natalee Holloway. These children have little experience with alcohol and believe themselves to be invincible. Unfortunately, they are not and usually end up on cold sheet of stainless steel.

What happened after Natalee overdosed remains a matter of speculation. However, given the declarations released by Police Chief Dompig, it would seem that whatever happened may have transpired within the Holiday Inn.

Our information indicates that four of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens, close to Natalee, would not speak to the Aruban authorities, further supports a Holiday Inn demise. In reflection, given the fact the Aruban authorities have declarations of questionable drug activity and numerous reports of wild, reckless behavior by the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens within the Holiday Inn, it seems to follow that the recklessness, displayed by the students, carried on into the evening in question. If Natalee Holloway succumbed to an overdose, it was no doing of Joran van der Sloot, the Kalpoe Brothers or some bartender at Carlos & Charlies (C&C). It was the doing of the reckless behavior of Natalee Holloway and her classmates.

Now, as for the panic and disposal of Natalee, who would be better equipped to dispose of her body? Joran van der Sloot and his two Suriname sidekicks or the jet-set society in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook? Obviously, if Natalee Holloway succumbed to a drug overdose, her rich and influence friends would be more likely to panic than a trio of island pseudo-Romeos. And, Natalee's rich and influential friends could arrange for any disposal that they desired.

Virginia Page was picked up by her grand-father's jet the next (or same) day. Tom & Hunter Twitty are connected to the influence of $50-Billion-asset bank. Jar & Jug Twitty have alma mater connections to the Mansur family (who reportedly reigns over Aruba). The Alabama Legislature, despite over 168 unsolved deaths in the Birmingham area, voted 27-0 to boycott Aruba over one missing teenager. Tell me a story about influence!

To me, influential members of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook clan had the power to make Natalee Holloway disappear. I suspect that it was their children, Natalee's classmates, who panicked and disposed of Natalee's body. The second burial, hinted by Police Chief Dompig, seems to have been orchestrated by agents of these classmates' parents. When the expose is unfolded in this manner, one cannot help but associate Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch in this possible scenario. We may have an insight into Police Chief Dompig's concerns about Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch.

Interestingly, the idea of a second burial was first-aired by either Tim Miller or one of his associates. Maybe the Aruba search was a bigger success than Tim Miller has shared with us.

I close with the hope that I did this overdose scenario some justice.

As a reminder, the next editorial will be on Monday evening.

Update: Here are three pictures of Natalee Holloway and her friends. One picture captures most of Natalee's friends in Mountain Brook, AL. Another picture captures Natalee and one friend in Mountain Brook. The third picture captures Natalee and three of her friends on the beach in Aruba.

Please note the size of Natalee and her friends on the beach in Aruba and their sizes in Mountain Brook. It seems Natalee has, in fact, increased in size by about 10%.

With Aloha,
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Posted by Richard at March 24, 2006 8:32 PM

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