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March 23, 2006

HarryTho 3/23 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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This evening, I will continue exploring 55-gallon steel drums. Despite early suppositions on my part, it appears that 55-gallon steel drums are available for all kinds of industrial purposes.

For example:

Mutual Stamping & Manufacturing Co.


Steel Drum Suppliers Page-1

Steel drums and plastic drum manufacturers

A sealing guideline for those desirous of the intricacies of drum containment is provided by the University of Maryland Environment Safety Division.

Waste Disposal Guidelines

After probing through what seemed to be 100s of pages of information, it became clear that almost any liquid, corrosive or otherwise, was shipped in 55-gallon drums. There were even reports of 55-gallon drums being employed to ship and stow ingredients for the manufacture of heroin. Given Aruba's reputation as a transshipment area for drugs, it seems quite possible that a 55-gallon drum connection could exists with the drug trade. If this is the case, then tracking down our culprits would be difficult. With the use of fastboats, the criminals responsible could travel easily from island to island as well as to Mainland South America.

The unfortunate result of today's research was that 55-gallon drums are quite common to many industries in Aruba, multiplying the avenues of search for the Aruban authorities. With so many sources, it would be easy to overlook entire industries that employ 55-gallon drums.

The good news, from what I could gather, is that to be truly sealed a new 55-gallon drum should be used ... or at least a new sealing band assembly. As with car engine gaskets, they are not really reusable. A gasket once used forms a tight seal; however, in so doing it damages its malleability for future use. Accordingly, the band assembly, employed to seal a 55-gallon drum, would need to be replaced.

This replacement would entail ordering, or purchasing, a new band assembly. To me, these individual band assemblies might be hard to come by on an island like Aruba. I suspect purchasing a new 55-gallon drum would be difficult, as well. I would be surprised if the local establishments, handling 55-gallon drums, stocked very many of them. Accordingly, a good place to start would be to check who purchased an individual 55-gallon drum or an individual, sealing band assembly in the last nine months. Since, to me, few establishment would carry 55-gallon drums or individual, sealing band assemblies in stock, there could be a record (paper trail) as to whom ordered a drum from a manufacturer off Aruba.

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Posted by Richard at March 23, 2006 8:34 PM

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