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March 21, 2006

HarryTho 3/21 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

This evening, I felt I should talk a little on the recent email from one of our reliable posters. If some of our editorial readers missed it in our comment section, here it is again:

>>Aruba Searchers Find Remains of 3 People in Dunes
Bon Dia, Friday March 17th

Aruba: Searchers in Aruba have found the remains of at least 3 bodies in the dunes. Gerold Dompig was quoted as saying, " We can confirm 2 of the remains as belonging to Mickey John and Abraham Jones."

When asked how he knew who they were so quickly, Dompig responded by saying "because I just do."

The Chief was adamant, "we did not find sneakers of any kind." When asked how close the remains were found to one another the chief said, "did I mention that we did not find any sneakers at all?"

Chief Dompig, clearly elated at the news praised his department. "All of the police in Aruba should be very proud of their hard work. This is a partnership with an american company that doesn't support the boycott and a clear example of how Beth Twitty has been holding up this investigation."

Sources believe the remains of the 3rd person are that of Natalee Holloway, but are waiting for the Forensic Institute in Holland to confirm it.

When asked why it takes longer to confirm those remains when they were able to identify the guards so quickly, Dompig said, "did I mention that no sneakers were found?"

"No seriously, Joran van der sloot and his father personally identified the remains of the security guards."

Joran Van der sloot praised the mother of Mickey John, "now that's how the family of a missing person should act." He went on to say what he saw of the unidentified remains, "I looked like the person hit their head." <<

Now, I have checked the Internet postings of the Bon Dia Newspaper for 17 March and 20 & 21 March 2006, and I could not find this article.

Accordingly, I have to suspect that the originator of this article is the same person who published a post on Riehl World View that a Kingdom of Mountain Brook student confessed to the murder of Natalee Holloway. The article seems to be a prank. Since the Bon Dia is in Papimento, it would be difficult for a non-local person to decipher the authenticity of the article.

Before we discard this article as nonsense, we might look it over a little closer. First, as pointed out by one of our readers, there are a number of quotes by Police Chief Dompig that seem questionable. The most glaring seems to be that Joran and Paulus van der Sloot identified the bodies of Mickey John and Abraham Jones. That would not have happened. A person related to Mickey John and Abraham Jones would have done the verifying. Of course, it could have been an error in translation, since the mother was mentioned in the article, as well. Second, there was too much emphasis on the sneakers being absent.

Does anything seem credible within the article?

Yes, the fact that victims were found stuffed in barrels, underground, is enlightening. This is a method of disposal favored by organized crime in the United States. Such a disposal would have been more likely at sea; however, the sand dunes, I suppose, may have been preferred for expediency. Also, use of an enclosed sepulchral provides an explanation why cadaver dogs may have missed the scent of decaying flesh in the searches of the sand dunes. We are reminded that no ground penetrating radar was employed until now, hence a metallic drum would have been overlooked. Additionally, if the drum was set on end, or straight-up (vertical), rather than on its side (horizontal), it would have been difficult to detect by the Dutch jets. Accordingly, the use of drum to encapsulate a body would have been advantageous.

I would have to concluded that if our article originator were orchestrating a prank, it was reasonably well thought out prank for the Aruban sand dunes. I might even add that though the quotes in the article may be amiss, the method of disposal adds insight unto the eventual disposal of Natalee Holloway. Also, it may not be an empty stab in the dark, it may be the burial practice on Aruba in order to make people disappear. In a sense, there may be more fact than fiction to this drum notion.

Another interesting notion is the announcement by Police chief Dompig himself. Police Chief Dompig has been recused by the Aruban court. He cannot make public announcements. Yet, here we have him holding a press conference with the Bon Dia. Of course, the recuse order may have just been limited to the international media and not the local media. However, we must reflect that no other media, local or otherwise, has taken up this story.


Is the story totally bogus? It seems so on first inspection. The sand dune search in itself seems ridiculous, given the negative airing by the American cable news networks. But, can we actually believe that no searches of the sand dunes have occurred since the Aruban police have released the story about a credible lead in January 2006. The American cable news networks would have us believe that. Yet, it seems to reflect too adversely upon the Aruban police to be so lethargic. I suspect that the Aruban police have been searching since January 2006, clandestinely, so as not to alert the media.

Having said that, the results released in this article may contain more truth than fiction. The Aruban police may have actually discovered some remains and are allowing the case to proceed in order to allow their investigative team free-reign in order to track down the real culprits.

Who could the real culprits be? To me, the encapsulate drums are the signature of Michael Posner's Good Ship Lollipop gang. It could be that Michael Posner, upset with his name being flashed around the world as a ruthless gangster and his position in the Excelsior Casino threatened by the adverse publicity, decided to take matters into his own hands. He conducted his own investigation (Miranda and 5th Amendment issues set aside, of course), corralled the culprits and eternalized them with the product of their deed.

It is my understanding that Police Chief Dompig is due to air some development in the case tomorrow night (Wednesday 22 March 2006). This revelation, in the article, may contain much of the content of that future airing.

One might ask: why are the Dutch, ground-penetrating, radar team coming in, if in fact we have discovered Natalee's body? Given the method of disposal, I suspect that Police Chief Dompig surmises that the sand dunes have been a burial ground for underworld refuse for quite some time. In a sense, he might as well solve as many missing person's cases as he can, this time around.

With Aloha,
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Posted by Richard at March 21, 2006 8:34 PM

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