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March 1, 2006

HarryTho 3/1 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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Continuing with my deconstruction of 102254/2006, I will entertain Part E: The Cover-Up, this evening. Parts A, B, C and D contended that Joran van der Sloot, one of the defendants, was a sexual predator who lured Natalee Holloway into a terrible death. Part E continues the theme created in the previous Parts of the novelette by exposing the possibility of a cover-up.

Page 7: Part E: The Cover-Up:

Allegation 42: In the aftermath of Natalee's disappearance, it did not take long for attention to focus on Joran.

This is a reasonable allegation. There seems to be ample information available that Joran was seen with Natalee Holloway that evening. If the author of 102254/2006 discounts other declarations on record, this allegation has merit. The fact that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students provided Joran's description, early on, went a long way into the focus of attention resting upon Joran. Whether or not others met up with Natalee in the early hours of Monday 30 May, 2005 is yet to be determined.

Allegation 43: Knowing that witnesses had seen Natalee leave C&C with them, Joran, Deepak and Satish immediately fabricated a story in an effort to distance themselves from her disappearance.

This allegation implies a need by Joran, Deepak and Satish to fabricate a story and to do so immediately. This is not entirely true. Joran, Deepak and Satish did not deny being with Natalee. What they denied is that they were the last ones seen with Natalee. There exists a difference. The law in the Kingdom of the Netherlands provides for serious penalties if you become unfortunate enough to be the last person seen with a person who subsequently disappears. It was this penalty that drove Joran, Deepak and Satish to fabricate delivering Natalee to her hotel and the custody of two Black security guards. The story, though fabricated, does fit with an actual scenario which Natalee would have encountered when she returned to the Holiday Inn from the Marriott Beach.

Had Joran, Deepak and Satish related the actual story of leaving Natalee at the Marriott Beach, they would have been arrested under the current law, nonetheless, because they would have been determined to be the last ones admitting to have been seen with Natalee. Despite all the hoopla about this first fabrication, it is easily explained. Why go to jail, if you do not have to?

Allegation 44: Paulus van der Sloot know of the young men's efforts to concoct an alibi. He advised them to "get their stories straight" to refrain from all cell phone conversations because they "could be bugged" and not use e-mail because their hard drives could be seized as evidence.

Whether or not this allegation has any merit will depend upon the declarations on file with the Aruban investigators. Although, it does seem like correct advice for any father to give his son in a time of crisis. I will leave this allegation to the Aruban authorities for authentification.

Allegation 45: On Monday night, May 30, less than a day after Natalee's disappearance, Ms. Twitty arrived in Aruba to try to find her daughter. Accompanied by friends and family, she, along with members of the Aruban police department, went to the van der Sloot residence for search of answers.

First, the title of Beth Twitty should read Mrs. Twitty and not Ms. Twitty. It should be noted that Mrs. Twitty's entourage arrived, unannounced, at the van der Sloot home during the night hours. Otherwise, this allegation seems to be accurate.

Page 8: Allegation 46: Outside the van der Sloot residence, Paulus van der Sloot advised his son that he "did not have to say anything" and that Ms. Twitty had "no jurisdiction" in Aruba. Paulus van der Sloot sneered at those he described as "rude Americans."

Once again, Ms. Twitty should read Mrs. Twitty. This allegation requires the support of the Aruban investigators. However, the advice seems reasonable for a father to extend to his son, and showing up, at night, demanding answers, does come across as rude. Also, it is true that the Twitty entourage did not have jurisdiction in Aruba. To the best of my knowledge, the Aruban police were on scene as an escort only. Some 48 hours have to lapse, before the Aruban police can commence a missing person's case. From the history of this case, at the time the Twitty entourage arrived at the van der Sloot residence, the belief was that Natalee had just decided to remain longer on Aruba, perhaps with Joran.

Allegation 47: Joran did not heed his father's advice and instead told the first of many false tales about the events of May 29 and 30 May.

Whether or not this allegation is accurate will rely on the declarations on file with the Aruban authorities. If Allegation 46 holds that Paulus advised Joran not to speak to the Twitty entourage and Joran did speak to them, then this portion of Allegation 47 would hold. Whether or not what Joran told the Twitty entourage was false still remains to be determined. The latest media-driven story is that Joran and Natalee were dropped off at the Holiday Inn and walked to the Marriott Beach. How the two Black security guards got involved is yet to be disclosed by the Aruban authorities?

Allegation 48: During the days and weeks that followed, Joran, Deepak and Satish were under a media microscope and at the epicenter of a police investigation. In Joran's own words, that investigation was marked by "police incompetence and jailhouse corruption."

Whether Joran van der Sloot uttered these words: "police incompetence and jailhouse corruption" or not, would require an admission by Joran or Aruban police interrogation records with which to prove. Although, I believe, that it goes without saying that the plaintiffs aired similar, if not more derogatory, statements concerning the Aruban police. Otherwise, I believe, that the allegation is a fair representation of the events.

Allegation 49: Joran and his father obtained copies of files maintained by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, and more than a thousand pages of interrogation documents prepared by the Aruban police.

To me, the only way that this allegation has merit is if Paulus van der Sloot admits to it. I do not believe that Paulus van der Sloot's name is on our FBI's routing lists. This allegation ranks up there with the other flights from imagination contained within 102254/2006. It is inconceivable that the Aruban authorities would allow a suspect access to their files against him ... or any files for that matter.

Allegation 50: Despite his best efforts to cover up his wrongful acts, Joran's web of lies began to unravel. Although Joran, Deepak and Satish collectively told stories containing more than a dozen variations of what happened that night, rife with inconsistencies of time and place and circumstances, Joran essentially told three different stories to the media.

The term "wrongful acts" must be a premonition from the same voices speaking to the author in Allegation 35. And, here I was thinking all the time that the purpose of an investigation and a trial was to determine wrongful acts. What a surprise this is! Of course, I admit, I am not from Manhattan where the gods have established a medium with which to communicate with plaintiffs from Alabama. And, likewise, I am not an officer of the court in the state of New York where the gods have chosen the scribes of their orations.

Amongst the ocean of lies uttered in this case, it is fortunate that we are blessed with such divination in order to select those lies favored by the gods of Manhattan. We are so blessed. As I read this allegation, all I can imagine is being immerse in a cloud of incense.

It seems to me from this allegation, that if Deepak and Satish told so many lies, then the lawsuit should be dismissed from a motion for failing to include all the effected parties. Of course, the brilliance here is for the plaintiffs to have the sovereign state of New York, via its Supreme Court, subpoena Deepak and Satish Kalpoe from Aruba in accordance with the treaty in place between New York State and Aruba. By including Deepak and Satish Kalpoe in Allegation 50, the plaintiffs now need to account for their absence. Since they have not been served, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe could exonerate Joran and Paulus van der Sloot, from afar, and then share in the bounty awarded for malicious prosecution.

In summary of Part E, it seems only too clear that little evidence of a cover-up has been presented. Absolutely, no credible information resides in any of these allegations that the Aruban authorities or the FBI were involved in any manner. Second, in order for a cover-up to be raised, something to cover must precede it. Other than the voices speaking to the plaintiffs, there exists nothing to cover. I believe what is warranted here is exorcism of the author in order to extract the voices, whispering such mischief.
Exorcism the Facts


Signs of Possession
Victim clearly knows things that are distant or hidden
Victim can predict future events (sometimes through dreams)

The plaintiffs should contact their local bishop in order to be forwarded to a authorized exorcist. In Manhattan:

May the Lord have mercy on the souls of plaintiffs!

Later this evening, I will report on Joran van der Sloot's interview with Greta of Fox News.

Tomorrow evening, I will explore Part F: Joran's First Set of Lies.

With Aloha,
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