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March 17, 2006

HarryTho 3/17 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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Continuing with last evening's editorial, I will concentrate on a couple of comments made by the suspects. Last evening, I proposed a theory in which Natalee Holoway succumbed to a condition roughly described as an alcohol induced coma which in turn produced a panic situation amongst the three suspects.

Why do I believe that this occurred?

The statements of Deepak Kalpoe and Joran van der Sloot provide some interesting clues. First, Deepak Kalpoe stressed in his early statement, read by Greta, that he was taken by surprise when Joran van der Sloot informed him that Natalee Holloway had fallen asleep.

Deepak exclaims: "How could that happen?" (from his statement read by Greta)

In my opinion, Deepak would not have said those words in that manner had Joran told him that Natalee Holloway had just fallen a sleep. No, Joran had to have said something else. I will propose that Joran may have said: "I think she's dead." That statement would have caused panic in Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. And, from my experience, a person who has succumbed to an alcohol induced coma (imperceptible to deep pain condition) would appear so to medical novices. Natalee would not have responded and her body would feel limp and extremely flexible ... like a dead body.

I believe the key here is what expression Joran van der Sloot employed in order to convey his impressions of what had befallen Natalee Holloway. Naturally, if Joran mentioned anything related to death, the occupants of the car would have entered into a frantic frenzy trying to decide what course of action with which to take. Clearly, the idea that Natalee could be dead would have prompted some serious concern about how to divorce themselves of her body. If the occupants had thought to check her pulse and breath, they would have detected signs of life. They may have concluded that she had just passed out completely. I suspect that this conclusion came to the occupants early on.

With this conclusion, I believe we can identify the origin of Deepak's comment that Natalee dressed like a slut. To Deepak, only a slut would get into the backseat of his precious car and pass out from alcohol abuse. Natalee shortcoming must have upset and infuriated Deepak to no end.

The second comment comes from Joran van der Sloot when he repeats, often, with great vigor that leaving Natalee on the beach was the worst thing that he had ever done. To me, this is a true statement. Joran really did leave Natalee on the beach. Of course, the storyline here needs some adjustment. Natalee was not left as Joran described in his interview with Greta. Natalee was left unconscious in an alcohol induced coma. She was left behind the Fisherman's Huts in order to hide her from the rear traffic of the Marriott Hotel. I suspect that Joran just propped her up against the ocean-side wall of the Fisherman's Huts and abandoned her there.

Of course, if Joran and the Kalpoes did not determine that Natalee was still alive, then they might have felt responsible for her death. Or, they might have felt that they would be blamed for her death. In which case, Joran may taken off his shoes and waded Natalee's lifeless body out to where the tide or Caribbean current entrained her into an ocean going direction. As soon as the waves turned her over on her belly, she would drown. This is a macabre scenario; however, it is not as gruesome as the realization that if the suspects thought Natalee was dead, then they buried her alive somewhere. If Natalee does not suffocate in her coma, then she will wake up underground unable to move.

Can a teenager drink so much in order to succumb to an alcohol induced coma? - News - Teen Hospitalized After Night Of Binge Drinking

-- A night of so-called binge drinking ended with a south Alabama teenager in a coma. Investigators in Geneva County say it happened in the Samson community Friday night.

One participate was rushed to the hospital for treatment of an alcohol-induced coma. The teen, whose name was withheld, was released from the hospital Monday.

Geneva County District Attorney Kirke Adams says about 20 teenagers were involved. He believes the alcohol was purchased across the state line in Florida. Adams said he expects to make several arrests in the case.

Comment: It just happened a few days ago in Alabama!

In summary, two key phrases seem to direct this scenario:

1) Deepak Kalpoe's: "How can that be?" and

2) Joran van der Sloot's: "Leaving her on the beach was the biggest mistake of my life."

As I discussed in last evening's editorial, if Natalee Holloway succumbed to an alcohol induced coma, then she would not have been able to walk into the Holiday Inn or along the shore at the Marriott Beach. Interestingly, the Layer-Voice Analysis (LVA) contraption, employed during Joran's interview with Greta, indicates deception by Joran about that evening.

Scared Monkeys

Report Conclusions:
LVA data outputs and analysis indicate Joran Van der Sloot is deceptive and inaccurate in his account of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

LVA data outputs and analysis indicates Joran Van der Sloot is deceptive and inaccurate in his account of the role he played in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Joran indicates PROBABLE FALSE / DECEPTION INDICATED and INACCURACY / HIGHLY SUSPECT for DECEPTION data outputs on the relevant questions about 'harming' and 'seeing Natalee in distress' respectively. These responses are not consistent with truthful and accurate responses and deserve the greatest scrutiny.

Although I have argued that LVA lacks a bona fide reference to these conclusions, the fact that the device provides this result should not be discarded in totality.


LVA - Layer Voice Analysis - Nemesysco's Technologies

With this summation, I will break for the weekend. The next editorial will Monday 20 March 2006. I will update in this comment section over the weekend.

With Aloha,

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