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March 16, 2006

HarryTho 3/16 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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Continuing on with last night's editorial, I'll juxtapose a few insights from Greta's panel and also some developments from last evening's commentary section. First, let's re-post a thought from last evening's commentary:

"From hearing this statement, it does seem to follow that Natalee was drunk to Deepak Kalpoe. I believe that she may have fallen asleep ... or worse slipped into an alcohol induced coma. These comas are often referred to as "imperceptible to deep pain." I have experienced those ... not me personally ... where a American sailor "enjoying" cold sake and just collapses into a state of "imperceptible to deep pain." It takes hours for the body to recover (kidneys filter) form the alcohol abuse. Interestingly, the person has a pulse, but they really look dead, because their body respond to nothing. The body just shuts down and concentrated on filtering the alcohol out of the blood stream. If this is the case, then I suspect the three suspects panicked and just dumped Natalee on the beach behind the Marriott. She may have fell, as they tried to carry her to the beach. I only pray, if this happened, that is was high tide when they dropped her off. If the tide was coming in, Natalee would have drowned and eventually been carried out to sea. This "imperceptible to deep pain" state would not be effected by Natalee submerging her head under water."

Next, I want to revisit a comment made by Greta and to some extent Bernie Grimm during the discussion with last evening's Greta panel:

"Greta interjects that Deeak did not need to lie about the Holiday Inn drop off. At that time, the problem was restricted to Joran."

Although these two statements/revelations do not seem to match up, there may be a connection here, if we allow some liberties with our sense of reality. If we can put away, for the moment, what has been declared by all the suspects and the Beth Twitty allegations, something interesting surfaces.

What if Natale Holoway did succumb to an alcohol induced coma? It goes without saying that some serious carrying on took place at Carlos & Charlie's (C&C). And, there seems to be some indication that Natalee Holloway's drinking commenced long before she arrived at C&C. Also, it appears that Natalee partook in some rather more potent alcohol at C&C. If Natalee was inebriated enough in order to ignore the potential of the alcohol levels that she was consuming, an alcohol induced coma could have occurred.

As I mentioned, I have witnessed a few of these comas. The victim is acting somewhat normal, but there exists symptoms of some level of intoxication ... but not too distinct. In other words, the victim is not falling down drunk and throwing up. Suddenly, the victim just collapses.

One victim that I observed was talking to me when he suddenly just seem to move in slow and deliberate motion, then he just seem to lose all sense of strength, folded into himself and crumpled up on the floor. Another victim was walking and talking to one his friends when he just fell face forward onto the dirt in front of him. Neither person could be revived by talking, yelling or moving their bodies (even kicking them in the back). They were lifeless, like gumby toys. Many sailors were required in order to move them, because of the extreme pliability of the bodies. Their bodies seems to flow into whatever opening gravity allowed. Finally, we employed gurneys and straps with which to hold them in order to bring them to an emergency medical facility. At the facility, they were determined to be "imperceptible to deep pain" and were admitted for observation and testing. Some four hours later, they were released, as if nothing had happened to them.

This "imperceptible to deep pain" condition could have overcome Natalee. In the limited understanding of three, young island boys, it would have come as a shock to discover Natalee unresponsive in the backseat of Deepak's car. The suspects might have felt that something terrible happened to Natalee. Without Natalee's statement that they had, in fact, done nothing to her, they felt that they would be charged with harming her. For young men, it is a reasonable response. I suspect that the three suspects panicked.

Greta and Bernie Grimm questioned why Deepak had to concoct a lie. It is an interesting question. If Joran was merely enjoying Natalee's company, and she merely fell asleep, then why the need to lie about it. But, if Natalee succumbed to an "imperceptible to deep pain" condition, it was all out panic time.

Also, we have to remember that Joran had exams the next day, so he could not stay out all night with a drunk gal who passed out ... especially one that does not even respond at all. This might even explain why Deepak drove to Joran's house, but then, the three suspects decided against going inside Joran's house. Rather than take the chance that Natalee would never recover, they decided just to discard her on some beach. And, Joran could not explain to his father why had an unconscious, American girl in his house when he was not supposed to out of the house that night.

Furthermore, had Natalee succumb to an "imperceptible to deep pain" condition, I can assure you that she was not walking out of Deepak's car for quite some time. Any notion that the three suspects took her to the Holiday Inn and dropped her off would have been pure fantasy. Furthermore, any notion that less than two hours later that Natalee would have been walking the Marriott Beach with Joran would be just as much of a fantasy. No, Natalee was immobile ad unconscious for at least four hours.

Now, Joran did have to go to school the next day in order to take his exams. If the three suspects took the girl to a hospital or the Holiday Inn, the police would be called and the boys would be required to make statements about the situation and their involvement. Undoubtedly, the police would require the three boys to remain with the police or at the hospital, until Natalee re-awoke in order to verify their story. It seems obvious that three suspects would choose not to encumber and/or implicate themselves so. So, what did they do?

The three suspects decided just to drop Natalee off near the Holiday Inn in an area known for early morning traffic and not far from the Holiday Inn ... the Marriott Beach.They just left Natalee unconscious on the Marriott Beach on the ocean side of the Fisherman's Huts.

Our readers should remember that this rendition is merely another idea, emanating from juxtaposing the condition of "imperceptible of deep pain," a query about Deepak's liability, Joran's next day exams and Deeapk's reaction to a statement by Joran that Natalee fell asleep in the backseat of Deepak's car.

Hopefully, I can improve upon this idea in tomorrow evening's editorial.

With Aloha,
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Posted by Richard at March 16, 2006 5:53 PM

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