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March 15, 2006

HarryTho 3/15 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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In a slight departure from the previous two editorials, I will discuss the recent readings from Greta of Fox News. Over the past few days, Greta of Fox News has been reading from statements, allegedly made by Deepak Kalpoe during his incarceration period. Now, Greta admits that the statements are not signed by Deepak Kalpoe. From a reliable source, we have come to understand that the attorney, David Koch, for Deepak and Satish Kalpoe provided the statements to Greta for promulgation. As the story goes, David Koch would not allow his clients to be interviewed; however, he supplied these statements instead.

With the foregoing, let's now look into Greta's readings.

First, despite allegations by Greta that these documents are the statements provided by Deepak Kalpoe to the Aruban police, no Aruban policeman or authority figure has come forward in order to attest to the accuracy or authenticity of these statements. Whatever credence Greta applies to these statements rests with Attorney David Koch.

Second, it becomes very clear, early on, in the readings that they depart from the renditions provided by the media.

Greta begins by relating how Deepak got involved with Joran van der Sloot on the evening in question. It seems like a normal interchange of aspiration in order to go meet some girls at a bar called Carlos & Charlies (C&C). I suspect Greta's audience was a little stunned by comments about Deepak vacuuming his car prior to picking up Joran, as the audience knows he will vacuum the car again after the evening's activities. Greta even remarks how clean Deepak's car is. Apparently, Deepak really cared for his car. This relationship between Deepak and his car had been hidden form the public up until this telecast.

What Greta relates from the statement is that Deepak pretty much concurs with Joran's statements about the ongoings at C&C. He confirms that Natalee Holloway was the aggressor in the in the pair: Joran and Natalee. As the evening unfolds, Deepak loses Joran and his brother in the crowd of revelers at C&C. So, he walks outside to his car in the parking lot behind C&C and waits for Joran and his brother to join him at closing time.

This rendition is different from an earlier investigation which concluded that Deepak exited C&C with Natalee. Whether that happened or not is now debatable. Deepak's rendition, in this alleged statement, concurs with Joran depiction of the events. Natalee approached Deepak's car with Joran and Satish. The seating arrangement inside the car represented what all witnesses have described: Deepak and Satish in the front with Joran and Natalee in the rear seat.

At this point, the statements of Joran and Deepak seem to differ. Joran claims to have directed Deepak to his home; whereas, Deepak says they just wanted to drive around. In the drive around, the statements of Deepak and Joran concur that they stopped the car so that Natalee could join some of her friends walking on the side of the road. A male classmate orders Natalee out of the car. Natalee refused.

Deepak drives around the area of C&C three or four times, then he decides to head to the lighthouse. Now, though Joran denies this trek, it is clear from Deepak's statement that Joran was preoccupied with attending to Natalee. I seriously doubt that neither Joran nor Natalee paid any attention to the road or where Deepak was driving.

As for the lighthouse, we hear from Greta's rendition that Deepak never stopped at the lighthouse. He merely drove by it. So, Joran's confusion about the lighthouse trip is explained by his preoccupation with Natalee. They drove by the lighthouse area. The statement, early on, that they never got out of the car was misleading, hinting at a stop. They never stopped. They just drove by.

Also, when Joran and Natalee came up for air, they spoke in English; whereas, Deepak and Satish spoke in Dutch or Papimento (local language). One could argue that the expression of events in different languages leads to confusion. Our language provides us with a way of articulating our experiences in the world. Accordingly, some expressions are different for the same experience. When experiences in Dutch and in Papimento are translated into English, one must assume that the outcome will appear slightly different.

In example, many languages do not differentiate between the articles: "a" and "the." The statement: I am "a"son of god is vastly different from the statement: I am "the" son of God. Yet, the language that created those statements did not differentiate between "a" and "the." Additionally, predicates become troublesome. The Germanic tongues refer to "understanding" a topic; whereas, the Romance tongues refer to "comprehending." The Germanics see things from the roots up for "understanding." The Romance languages encapsulate the topic for "comprehension." These simple examples provide us with different interpretations of the same reality.

Additionally, Papimento is a creole, meaning that it is a language in formation from a mixture of Dutch, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and an African language. It is not just the words that are formed, but the mental imagery, as well. How a Papimento-speaking person perceives the world may be quite distinct from the way English-speakers articulate it. We must remember that even when a Papimento-speaking person is speaking in English, his/her thought patterns (mental images) remain in Papimento.

I will continue this discussion tomorrow evening after Greta has revealed some more of her statements.

A translation from a Netherlands Antilles poster concerning a recent Amigoe Newspaper article:

Preliminary Investigation in Holloway Case almost Finished

Oranjestad - The Prosecutor's Office (Openbaar Ministerie O.M.) expects to round off the preliminary investigation in the Holloway Case this month. This is made up from the interim judgment in the indemnification claim of the Van der Sloot family. The judge does not want to pass sentence, without a proper insight in the criminal preliminary investigation. The file can only be at the judge's disposal if the investigation is finished. The Van der Sloot family is claiming 531.000 florin.

The family states that immaterial damage caused by the criminal investigation to Joran and his father Paul van der Sloot is as high as 350.000 florin and the material damage is 144.000. Added 25.000 florin to that amount caused by damage as a result of "other enforcement measures" and 11.935 for legal advice expenses. The O.M. states that 25.000 florin for indemnification is sufficient.

The question whether the judge should have access to the complete file for a proper judgment of the case (claim for indemnification) was an important issue during the hearings of the case in January. The O.M. then issued that the complete file would be available in March and that soon after that decisions will be taken for further persecution. The judge decided to wait for the availability of the complete file, especially because Joran is one of the requestants in this indemnification case. There is still an ongoing criminal investigation against him. The judge also wants to determine - on the basis of the complete file - if ""other enforcement measures" were taken and if these measures have caused damage, as the family claims.

Initially the judge decided that only Paul van der Sloot' s claim would be taken in to consideration. At the hearings of appeal, the Court of Justice decided that all 5 family members could request a claim for compensation.

The O.M. was asked to bring in the entire file no later than April 3th. The judge will pass sentence on May 1.

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