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March 14, 2006

HarryTho 3/14 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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Apparently, last evening's editorial has created considerable controversy. The idea that another wanderer on the Marriott Beach could be the possible suspect seems to have irked both sides of the debate ... with me in the middle. Compounding the excitement is the report from a Chicago gal that she was accosted on the very same beach, before Natalee's disappearance by, as it so happens, a lone male.

Before we delve into this evening's editorial, I will state a few caveats. First, the statement that I have alleged came from Joran, specifically: "One guy looked right at me," came from one of the three (actually 4, counting Sunday) interviews that Greta conducted with Joran van der Sloot. To my knowledge, the statement was only uttered once. Second, the aspects of the statement, implicating eye-to-eye contact, are my interpretations of the phrase "looked right at me." Eye-to-eye contact was never mentioned during any of the interviews with Greta.

Third, I have not been able to discover the whereabouts of that statement by Joran in the transcripts provided to our blog. That does not conclude that Joran never said them. It just means that the transcripts provided to our blog do not contain that statement, to the best of my knowledge. All I can vouch is that I heard that statement from Joran with accompanying facial expressions. Other posters have concurred that a statement like the one in question was aired on TV.

Why could it be absent from transcripts? First, the transcript could have been incomplete. Second, the unedited TV version might not have been so in writing. Third, as I will continue this evening, it could be a very important clue in the investigation Consequently, it could have been edited out of the transcripts. Lastly, I would not be so quick to accredit Fox News' transcripts and/or subsequent unedited reruns of the interviews.

For disbelievers, and I expect there to be many, you should ignore this editorial. For this editorial will take the position that Joran van der Sloot did say those words.

Having stated the foregoing as a basis, let me recap what has been proposed thus far. Joran while waking with Natalee along the shoreline from the Marriott to the Fisherman's Huts encountered a lone male who looked right at him. Since Joran and Natalee left their shoes near the Marriott, the lone male may have encountered the shoes and decided to ambush Joran and Natalee, as they returned to retrieve their shoes.

Admittedly, much of this is conjecture on my part. Truly, I am fabricating a scenario from one sentence and my understanding of the area that evening. I expect attacks upon this scenario from all corners and positions. But, those attacks must be dampened by the declaration from Tracey Allen of Chicago that a lone male approached her along that same path in this proposed scenario. A predatory pattern seems to be forming.

Discounting posts that proffer looking into the eyes of young, lone males at night in isolated areas is routine, I will explain the fight or flight response that Joran may have experienced when the "one guy looked right at him."

Naturally, for those who have never encountered danger in strange places unfamiliar to them, what I will recount is meaningless. Let me divert the editorial a bit in order to lay some foundation.

In Eastern philosophy, we learn that we are composed of three minds (simple rendition): 1) An intellectual mind that we use to read these blogs and respond with posts. 2) An emotional mind operates much faster and enables inter-human communication without voice. 3) A physical mind that works must faster than either the emotional or the intellectual. The physical mind is what takes over ... say, after a juicy steak enters our stomach. All the processes that operate to digest that steak are controlled, meticulously, by the physical mind.

The West ignores all this as nonsense. So, if our readers feel this way, it is understandable.

OK, returning to our editorial, when we encounter strangers at night who look into our eyes, our emotional mind responds and triggers our physical mind to release enzymes (chemicals) that cause our spine to feel cold. The area of most concern for this experience is the back on the neck to mid-shoulder-blade area on the spine. This is most visible on dogs. There is a phrase: "their ruff is up." We humans have the same experience when we sense danger. It must be noted that our emotional mind senses this far before our intellectual mind has had time to process it. Reason being is that the intellectual mind is slow. It is also new. I suspect that the intellectual mind developed about the time humans began bonding together into agricultural pursuits ... overpopulation of habitat.

If the lone, male's gaze was malicious in intent, Joran's emotional mind should have triggered a "ruff up." From my interpretation of Joran's facial expression when he spoke the words, he experienced such a reaction. Joran's emotional mind identified a threat.

Now, had Joran's facial expression not been effervescent when he spoke the words, I would have interpreted the encounter with the lone male as seemingly benevolent: two-ships-passing-in-the-night type of encounter.

For those readers unfamiliar with this encounter, if you have a dog ... any dog ... stand in front of it and allow your body to act as if it were scared. This does not mean to make any gestures ... just allow the chemicals of fear to flow ... pretend a huge snake is about to devour you. Two things should happen: your dog will start barking and/or his/her ruff will come up. Next, after your dog is barking at you, return to the reality of the situation ... no fear ... allow the chemicals to subside within your body. Your dog will stop barking and/or his/her ruff will come down. We humans respond no differently.

What does this mean? First, we garnish the option that another person was on the beach that night with evil intentions. One evil intention would be to rob Joran and Natalee. A second evil intention may have been to rendezvous with Natalee for an escape, pre-planned, before Natalee traveled to Aruba. Maybe, Joran (or any likely suspect) was needed to effectuate (without his knowledge) a fake abduction scenario.

An interesting item of information is that both Joran and Natalee left their shoes on the beach. Yet, when it was over and Natalee missing, neither pair of shoes could be found. Someone, obviously, picked up both pairs of shoes. Did Natalee pick them up? Did the lone male picked them up? Did the beach cleaners rake them up? Was all this Marriott Beach story a lie?

In my opinion, if Joran did not experience the "ruff up" when the lone male looked right at him, then I suspect that the entire Marriott Beach story is a lie.

How could Joran identify the lone male, if he just got a quick glance at him? Interestingly, that is why I mentioned the part about Eastern philosophy. The emotional and physical minds have a distinct picture of the guy. It works like fast photography (Dutch jet pictures). Even though the intellectual mind has little or no recollection, the fact that the person looked at him imprints his physical mind. In the old days, investigators would employ hypnotism in order to make people remember minute details. Despite the plethora of explanations about hypnotism, what it would actually do is to clear the intellectual mind and allow the person to "see" through his physical mind. The key was to slow down the physical mind to the exact scene in order to frame it ... allowing all the details to be extracted from the picture.

Another issue are Natalee comments to Joran that she wanted him to stay all night with her. Many will discount these remarks, as well. However, if Natalee knew the lone male was there to fake her abduction, then she may have had second thoughts about leaving, knowing Joran would be implicated in her caper. In a sense, those statements ... seemingly illogical ... may make sense in this proposed scenario.

Well, I think I have rambled on a bit enough for this evening.

With Aloha,

Posted by Richard at March 14, 2006 7:41 PM

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