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March 13, 2006

HarryTho 3/13 Natalee Holloway Commentery

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Despite past hints at departing the conversational issues of the case, there was one response from Joran van der Sloot in his interview with Greta that has caught my attention. During the Greta-Joran interviews, I had concentrated on deconstructing the lawsuit 102254/2006 filed in Manhattan. So, I paid little attention to the Joran interview, other than to follow his responses. Now, I realize that one response was fruitful

I apologize for being unable to locate the response, but there is just too much interview material, arranged in cross-examination fashion ... everything is everywhere without any easily identifiable links. So, if you want to find this response, feel free to delve into three days of interview material. The three interviews gravitate around our 3 May 2006 editorial in their comment sections. One of our posters was kind enough to list all three interviews in our comment section.

The statement in question occurs when, I believe Greta probes the possibility of other people, as witnesses, around the Fisherman's Huts, that evening. Joran responds: "One guy looked right at me." To many Mainlanders, this is a normal response without any seeming implication to anything. I suppose, even after I attempt a revelation, many of our posters will discount what I say. Why? Because, the statement seems so innocent.

First, although the statement is uttered out of nowhere in the interview, to me, it could have occurred only in one instance. Some background is needed:

Joran and Natalee came to the beach near the Marriott (old Holiday Inn beach area). There, they shed their shoes and sandals and walked the shoreline, enjoying each other's company, from the Marriott to the Fisherman's Hut (lover's cove). To me, the guy who looked right at Joran was walking from the Fisherman's Huts to the Marriott in the opposite direction as Joran and Natalee.

What does "look right at me" mean? To me, it means he looked right into Joran's eyes. That is why Joran used the expression: looked right at me. This fellow got a real good look at Joran ... and vice versa.

Let us keep in mind that we are on an island, near a lover's cove, and it is quite dark at 2-3:00 AM in the morning.

Joran said with emphasis: "One guy looked right at me." Greta made no effort to follow up on the comment. Obviously, she missed its implication, as well. Note that Joran said "One guy" and not a couple. He said "one guy." I can only surmise that he actually meant "one guy." One guy, alone, on the beach, near a lover's cover, at 2-3:00 AM. Sound weird? Absolutely!

Now, for those who have traveled into isolated areas at night, there is one cardinal rule to obey when encountering young, male denizens of the area at night: you never look into their eyes. Looking into a person's eyes at night is an alarm to fight. If this one guy looked Joran in the eyes, he intended malice. Of that, in my opinion, there is no question. This guy was looking for trouble: either it was robbery or worse.

When the "one guy" passed Joran and Natalee, he was walking toward the Marriott. Undoubtedly, he noticed that Natalee and Joran were barefoot. It stands to reason, that he may have encountered their sneakers and sandals in the sand. When he noticed their shoes, he knew that Natalee and Joran would return via this route in order to retrieve their shoes. That meant, he had time to plan an intercept in the darkest area along that trek from the Fisherman's Huts to the Marriott. He may have even taken their shoes in order to provide him more time for a getaway, after he robbed them.

It is my opinion, that the "one guy's" intention, originally, may have been to rob Joran, believing him to be a tourist. That intention may have changed when he encountered only Natalee returning on her own.

Natalee would have walked the reverse path to the Marriott in order to retrieve her shoes and return to the Holiday Inn.

The "one guy" that looked into Joran's eyes, in my opinion, becomes the prime suspect in Natalee's disappearance. And, with good fortune, Joran got a good look at him! Joran could easily pick him out of a line up. You never forget eye contact like that.

In reflection, I made some general and wide-ranging assumptions in the foregoing, because all I have is the isolated statement: "One guy looked right at me" with Joran's accompanying concern about the look. Also, if that "one guy" harmed Natalee, it follows that he will not come forward in order to extricate Joran from suspicion.

Please understand that I am not connecting this adventure with the recent alleged encounter between an unknown beach wanderer and Tracey Allen. But, it might lend some credence to Tracey's story.

With Aloha,

Posted by Richard at March 13, 2006 7:08 PM

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