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March 1, 2006

Catholic Democrats Issue Letter Defending Pro-Abortion Stance

Topics: Life Issues

Apparently responding to Catholic bishops who spoke out in 2004 about the obligations of Catholics in public life to oppose legal abortion, 55 Catholic Democratic members of Congress have released a "Statement of Principles." Though the letter attempts to declare the signatories strong support for the dignity of life the document refuses to call for outlawing abortion and instead declares that "we acknowledge and accept the tension that comes with being in disagreement with the Church in some areas." Read more...

What the Catholic Church teaches on abortion is very straight forward: "From the time that the ovum is fertilized, a life is begun which is neither that of the father nor of the mother; it is rather the life of a new human being with his own growth. It would never be made human if it were not human already".

Posted by Richard at March 1, 2006 10:19 PM

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