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March 13, 2006

A Nightmare For Our Time

Topics: Iran

I know your asking yourself which nightmare I speak of here - the Islamofascists being able to win the War On Terror by default via appeasement by the Left's media and politicians, and subsequently replacing international law with Sharia, or the step in between, of Iran becoming a nuclear power.

For now, I am talking about a nuclear showdown with Iran that could be this generation's Cuban missile crisis. Graham Allison offers reasons why we must not let it come to that.

Let's not forget that we are dealing with a regime and a religion that believes suicide is their duty, and in Ahmadinejad, Islam has a guy that actually believes he is their messiah.

So, just how seriously should we take the threat of Iran's insanity?

Mordechai Kedar, Professor of Arab Studies at Ramat Gan, takes Tehran's rhetoric very seriously.

He sees Ahmadinejad's provocations as the expression of a "nuclear theism" currently prevailing in Tehran. According to Kedar, an understanding of the concept of Welayat-e Fakih -- the supremacy of religious scholars -- is key to grasping the power of the mullahs. Under this concept, says Kedar, the power of a government of the devout is an expression of the will of God, making the regime "isma" -- infallible.
Infallible? A nuclear Iran that believes martyrdom to be the will of their "Allah," and that their decision to invoke a nuclear holocaust for the world is - infallible?

Let's just sum all this up by simply saying that Graham Allison has it right; we're talking about a nightmare, should we fail to end Iran's nuclear dream.

Posted by Richard at March 13, 2006 1:17 PM

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