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February 11, 2006

Warning on Ritalin

Topics: Health Issues

It is time to ring the alarm bells regarding the use of the prescription drug Ritalin that is used for children and aduls with ADHD. It has been reported that there have been at least 51 deaths directly attributable to the use of Ritalin. There is a high risk of increased blood pressure and heart attack associated with the use of Ritalin.

So why is there no outcry over the number of deaths directly associated with the use of Ritalin? Why is there no move to withdraw Ritalin from the market? People with arthritis can no longer obtain Vioxx because of a possible risk, and the cases that have been decided indicate that there is no real association with heart attack through the use of Vioxx. Yes, it is true that the first case went against Merck, but the jury was wrong in making that decsion. The autopsy did not provide evidence that the use of Vioxx caused the death of that patient. However, there is direct evidence that Ritalin has caused over 50 children to die from suicide through to heart attack. Where is the balance in these decisions? Why is it that Ritalin will carry a black box warning but Vioxx was withdrawn from the market?

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