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February 25, 2006

Strange But True - 'Iran Madness Watch'

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Iran's lunatic leadership and culture-in-power comes up with more truly insane "observations" and opinions daily, and it's always anyone's guess as to how bizarre the next one will be and which nutcase Iranian will be the one to attack the Zionist Jews and the great satan, America.

This time it's Iranian "mass media expert" and cultural advisor to the Iranian Education Ministry, Professor Hasan Bolkhari.


Through his great wisdom, and after having taxed his intellect to the max, he explains why the evil Jewish Walt Disney company unleashed the ultimate weapon against the Islamic world - Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Albeit, I'm no expert in psychology, but there HAS to be an explanation for the way these Islamists think, and why. They all seem to be in serious need of reality therapy. And these people want to be trusted with nukes?

Jawa Report posts on the "ToonTown Riots Over Iranian Remarks.": "no 'toons have been killed or injured as of yet, due to the remarkable ability of these creatures to regenerate themselves."

Hat tip - Little Green Footballs.

Posted by Richard at February 25, 2006 2:17 PM

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