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February 26, 2006

Standing up against the tactics of Animal Rights Activists

Topics: Health Issues

In what could be considered a positive and healthy sign of change to the better, hundreds of people have come together in Oxford to march in protest against anti-vivisection action that has been taken aganst a newly established research laboratoy at the universty.

The animal rights acivists have been using tactics such assending threatening letters in an effort to halt the construction of the laboratory, and were sucessful in making the construction group, Montpelier, quit the construction site, although a new firm has been appointed. The workers have to wear face masks to hide their identities.

So consider the protestors as a positive sign that the British are beginning to fight back against the intimiatory tactics of the Animal Rights activists, and albeit no one wants animals to suffer or be killed unnecessarily, when it comes to saving lives, people have to come first!

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