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February 24, 2006

Stand Up For Denmark Rally In Wash. D.C.

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Readers will recall, and as we have been announcing (also here and in other posts), journalist Christopher Hitchens recently called for a demonstration of support today at the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C., for Denmark and the principles of both freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Support Denmark Rally.psd.jpg

[Left image source-Tapscott's Copy Desk; right image source-Vital Perspective]

Hitchens called upon journalists, bloggers, and other supporters in the D.C. area to join him, and so they did!

Vital Perspective posts on the "Rally for Freedom" with images and videos of the event and just what it is that they were rallying for, and writes: "Thanks to the inspiration of Christopher Hitchens, Washingtonians showed their peaceful solidarity on Friday with the people of Denmark."

Tapscott's Copy Desk writes:

Denmark's biggest paper, Jylland-Posten, is the one that started this brohaha by publishing the controversial cartoons. Now, the day before our demonstration at the Danish embassy, the paper is recognized with a major journalism award.

The Victor Award was given for "having opened everyone's eyes by showing how easy it is to introduce cracks in freedom of expression and how so-called political correctness is infiltrating what we believe to be inalienable rights," said Hans Engell. He's the editor of tabloid Ekstra Bladet, which awards the prize.

TCS also has other links of interest along with additional commentary (be sure and read his section on the power of blogs), and describes the event:
Organizer Christopher Hitchens of was in jovial spirits, as indeed it seemed was the case with everybody present. I heard a few foreign accents but the crowd overwhelmingly was young, fervent and American.

Among the media folks covering the event was Molly Hennenberg of FOX News. I saw at least two other camera crews and there seemed to be a handful or so of print reporters circulating among the demonstrators asking questions and taking notes.

Among those in the crowd I saw were James Joyner of Outside the Beltway blog, Tony Blankley, Editorial Page Editor of The Washington Times, Cliff May, President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, and Washington Standard Editor Bill Kristol.

Age of Hooper (The) has must see and hear video of Christopher Hitchen's speech at the rally, and also additional images.

Corsair the Rational Pirate also has images.

Wonkette has "Pro-Danish Rally Photos, With Special Guest Christopher Hitchens":

The pictures and reports from today's exciting Danish Embassy Love-In are beginning to show up -- here's the first photographic response we got, from Stephanie K. Chak of AU, who says, "Christopher Hitchens broke my rally/protesting virginity" (which is not a mental image you need while still recovering from a gigantic media circle-jerk, if we may extend the gross metaphor)

James Joyner of Outside the Beltway writes:

The turnout was pretty good, considering the late notice and out-of-the way location. Watching people who are (mostly) conservatives hold a rally is rather amusing, however, as only a handful of people had any desire to participate in chants or hold up signs. As regular readers and acquaintances might guess, I was among the non-demonstrative demonstrators.

Among the attendees I recognized were Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, Washington Times editorial page editor Tony Blankley, and Heritage Foundation media programs director Mark Tapscott (and much more).

The Political Pit Bull has more photos and commentary.

And even more photos at Crossing Wall Street.

And finally, let's not forget Andrew Sullivan.

All in all, a fairly successful rally for such short notice and an out of the way location. But this should only be the begining, and readers and bloggers should keep the posts and emails of support going for weeks to come. Our freedoms are important, and those that stand up for our freedoms and against tyranny and submission to radical Islam, deserve our respect and support.

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Posted by Richard at February 24, 2006 10:21 PM

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