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February 23, 2006

Russians See Iran As Stalling For Time - So Why Are We?

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Ho hum, ho hum, same ole, same ole - talk, cheat, lie, and then do it all over again. Does anyone really expect anything more out of Iran? After all, didn't Iran lead the EU around by their noses for two and a half years while they continued to secretly develop their nuclear program and acquire technology for nuclear weapons? The end result then was that the foreign ministers of the EU-3 (the United Kingdom, France, and Germany) declared that the two and a half years of negotiation with Iran to resolve the nuclear issue had reached a "dead end". What possibly could have made the Russians, the U.S., and the EU believe that it would be any different this time?

Well, it isn't, and now, from the Russions we're hearing that it's more of the same:

A top Iranian negotiator on Tuesday praised the nuclear talks held in Moscow as "constructive," saying they offered hope of clinching a deal, but some Russians voiced concern that Iran was using the Kremlin's uranium enrichment offer merely to stall for time and avert international sanctions.
Hasn't the West wasted enough time with Iran's dance around the truth? Hell, Iran's Chief Negotiator on the Nuclear Issue, Hosein Musavian, even admited they cheated and did so to buy time to finish building the Esfahan nuclear processing facility.

Barbara Stock's piece at spells out the situation that our leaders have ignored :

For the last two and one half years, diplomats from the European Union have tried to reason with the leaders of Iran . Iran has lied and stalled and all the while the mullahs were quietly obtaining everything they need to complete their 20-year dream. Foolishly, as the diplomats continued to believe that they could bring Iran to heel with words, weapons dealers in their own countries were selling missiles to Iran that are capable of reaching the heart of Europe. Just as France, Germany, and Russia sold weapons to Saddam that would be used to kill coalition forces, countries in Europe have been selling the very weapons to Iran that could well bring about Europe's own destruction. Somehow, there is an interesting justice at work.

The major problem for the Europeans is that they have not truly recognized how dangerous Islam and Iran are to the civilized world. Islam and Iran cannot be separated. They are one. The goals of Islam are identical to the goals of Iran. Only now is Europe realizing this fact. The EU's mistake was believing it could reason with unreasonable people. Iran began the talks knowing full well that it would lie and cheat the entire time. It is not only accepted that Islamics will lie to the enemy, it is demanded as being a part of good Islamic warfare. Had the EU taken the time to understand the enemy, it would not have the near-crisis that it is now facing.

Now we have to add the U.S. and Russia to the growing number of fools willing to be suckered by Iran while it plans, connives, and prepares to ignite the world under the holocaust that is radical Islam, and use a nuclear match to start it all.

Posted by Richard at February 23, 2006 9:44 PM

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