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February 20, 2006

On Challenging The MSM

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Dan Riehl has a timely piece that picks up where our previous post leaves off, and lays down a challenge to the MSM, writing that as the cracks start to form and more and more publications are willing to come forward and admit their true concern, fear, than why not band together as a unified force for good and even change, allowing them to serve and function at their best!

Although it may very well be too much to expect from the cowardly, agenda-driven, leftist world viewed, American press, doing so would help to serve in reestablishing their credibility while also helping to make up for their past mistakes - aiding and abetting America's enemies through their agenda-driven reporting and leftist world view, while operating under a self-imposed climate of fear juxtaposed with an orientation to report through a filter of concern over their bottom-line.

BTW, Dan's challenge comes as Drudge reported that "if the nation's top magazines have the pulse of the country" we should get ready for another exhaustive week of exhaustive Cheney shooting coverage! He may be right, after all, that's exactly what we have all learned to expect from our media - exhastive irrevelance and agenda-driven reporting hamstrung by a narrow and wrong-sided leftist world view. There, I've now said it enough times that readers will begin to understand it, but of course, the media probably never will.

Be sure to read Dan's challenge to the MSM...

Posted by Richard at February 20, 2006 9:05 AM

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