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February 11, 2006

Low Fat Diet and rate of disease

Topics: Health Issues

The researchers involved in a long term study of the dietary habits of older women, have not been able to support the belief that a low fat diet will in fact prevent an increase in the rate of breast cancer or in other diseases.

The study, that cost over $415million, was conducted on almost 30,000 post menopausal women. It has concluded that there is little difference in the advancement of disease, especially breast cancer between women who partake of a low fat diet as compared to women who made no changes to their dietary habits.

The conclusion of this study is viewed by some as disappointing, however, the truth happens to be that fad diets do not alter the outcomes where disease is concerned. A low fat diet is not better than a diet that includes all of the 5 food groups. Rather than being disappointing, the study provides valuable information about the long term effects of diet.

It would appear that the study also debunks the myth that a low fat diet will prevent cancer, because the study seems to indicate that the change in dietary habits at a later age makes no difference with the onse of these diseases.

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