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February 15, 2006

Italian Judges Rule Crucifix Can Remain in Public Schools

Topics: Faith

Lifesite News reports that Judges from Italy's highest court have thrown out a suit aimed at eliminating crucifixes from the country's public schools, while arguing they are "symbolic of the Christian values that underpin all principles held dear by secular society".

In addition to its religious significance for the overwhelmingly Catholic country, the Council of State also said the crucifix signified "the values which underlie and inspire our constitution, our way of living together peacefully," as reported by ANSA. The judges pointed out that most of the values held dear by society such as tolerance and respect had their origins in Christianity. "In this sense the crucifix can have a highly educational symbolic function, regardless of the religion of the pupils," they wrote in their 19-page decision.
Yes, Italy is a Catholic country, and Italian judges might have a bias toward Christianity - but the point is made. Modern Christianity does stand for peace, tolerance and respect for others, as do many other faiths - actually, all but one.

I'll let readers comment on which faith they believe to be currently perceived by most people as having the least tolerance for others and their opinions, while displaying a decidedly lack of concern for peace, and respect for the rights of others. This is not to say that all followers of that particular faith (I wonder which one most readers will select...) share the same intolerance, are not peaceful, and have little to no regard for others.

Posted by Richard at February 15, 2006 4:13 PM

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