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February 28, 2006

Iran Still Deceiving: IAEA

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Captain Ed writes that the IAEA report on Iran states that the "mullahcracy" remains as deceptive as ever about its nuclear program, despite the years of negotiations to resolve differences over its intent. Apparently, they continue to stonewall inspectors while ramping up the development of its program, "a finding that should get the attention of the UNSC next month."

A significant drawback of the IEAE report seems to be more of the usual pandering of the Islamic regime by Mohamed "Soft on Iran" El Baradei, the director of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency, because in the assessment contained in an 11-page report released Monday by the International Atomic Energy Agency, no definitive judgment was made about whether the program was peaceful, or intended to create the capacity to produce weapons. Although the report may have surprised some governments and even some agency officials who had predicted that the report would be harsher, most readers of Hyscience will have by now come to expect nothing less from the IEAE than a continuing blind eye to Iran's deceptions, incompetence in discerning truth from fiction, and an absolute refusal to lay out the cold hard facts when they may offend the Islamic regime.

Mohamed El Baradei, the IAEA, and the UN are NOT going to help resolve the nuclear crisis with Iran, are about as useful as a third shoe, and have worsened the situation through El Baradei apparently accepted defeat on Iranian nuclearization, according to the Times: "He has told IAEA member states that Iran will not accept a freeze and that the IAEA doesn't have many options to force them to do so, which the Times says "enraged" the US.""

Captain Ed has more commentary.

Posted by Richard at February 28, 2006 10:50 AM

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