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February 26, 2006

Iran, Russia Agree on Enrichment Deal! Well, sort of...

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posterafraid.jpg As of 50 minutes ago, the AP is reporting that Iran and Russia have agreed on an Enrichment deal. That sounds great, but then again, what does that mean?

It means absolutely nothing!

According to the report, "Iran and Russia agreed in principle" Sunday to "establish a joint uranium enrichment venture", that although referred to as "a breakthrough in talks on a U.S.-backed Kremlin proposal aimed at easing concerns that Tehran wants to build nuclear weapons," theres that not so little caveat that "further negotiations on the details lay ahead, and it was not known whether Iran will entirely give up enrichment at home, a top demand of the West."

Yes my friends, another exercise in the old circular function strategy, full circle back to where they started in the first place, the very next time they talk.

I can't help but wonder when those Raptors will begin warming up (You are going to love this site - turn up speakers first)!

Play the F-22 Raptor "Shoot Bin-Laden" game (turn up your speakers, and rock out).

Posted by Richard at February 26, 2006 4:31 PM

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