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February 8, 2006

HarryTho 2/8 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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Following up on last evening's editorial, I will probe a little further into Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp's activities. First, I want to highlight the fact that News Corp. has 800 subsidiaries of which 60 reside in tax havens. Let us establish the point that 800 subsidiaries sustain a good number of employees. And, let us remember that these employees are involved in the news or promotional business in some manner. Smiling, they could even be employed to infiltrate the blogs, and other media sources, promoting and spreading confusion about the Natalee Holloway case.

Second, the purpose of these 60 tax-haven subsidiaries remains to siphon off profits from US transactions in order to evade taxes. Last evening's editorial cited some US $100 million siphoned off in the form of a royalty to a Netherlands Antilles subsidiary in 1989 alone.

Third, let us recall from last evening's editorial that News Corp's tax burden has been less than 6% over the past 15 years; whereas, the burden of its competitors has been between 27 and 32%. If we just assume the US $100 million, mentioned above, as the average siphoned away from tax liability per annum by News Corp., we can extrapolate that some $10 million has easily escape US tax repositories per annum as a result of News Corp's accounting shenanigans. Summing these tax liability shortages up over the 15 years in question produces a result of US $1.5 billion plus interests and penalties.

If one pauses for a moment to juxtapose US $1.5 billion with shortages experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan in body and vehicle armor, a clearer picture of Rupert Murdoch's dishonesty displays for us. How much body armor could News Corp's US $1.5 billion have purchased for our troops in the field?

The more demeaning question of course happens focuses on how the current administration has rewarded a tax cheat. News Corp. has become the media outlet for the White House via its subsidiary Fox News. Furthermore, the man controlling News Corp., and hence the White House media, abandoned his country ... Australia ... in order to avoid taxes and benefit from American tax laws. Now, continuing his penchant to avoid taxes, he manufactured 800 subsidiaries which interfaced continuously in order to camouflage his business activities and evade US taxes. From my research, his tax evading activities have gone on for more than a decade unchallenged. In other words, any prudent US Government bureaucrat would have been aware of Rupert Murdoch's activities, and yet, he controls the White House media. Is activity such as Rupert Murdoch's a prerequisite in order to control American media?

I have to ask what kind of message the White House is sending to our troops, bleeding overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq for their country. How can someone like Rupert Murdoch ascend to such responsibility when he has clearly demonstrated his lack of allegiance to anything but his financial empire and gloats over his accounting shenanigans?

Also, a State Department background investigation would have revealed all these shenanigans concerning Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. Even if for the benefit of national interests the State Department, under Colin Powell, overlooked these shortcomings of News Corp., clearly, the State Department had the power to cease News Corp's attack upon Aruba when it perceived the strain, weighing down upon American-Dutch relations. Yet, it did not. The new Secretary of State Rice merely took a trip to the Kingdom of Mountain Brook in order to appease Beth Twitty: A secretary of state house call? The assault upon Aruba continues unabated. Why?

What needs to be focused upon here is that the White House could have shut down this unrelenting assault upon their ally, Aruba. The White House did nothing. Why?

From prior editorials, we learned that Aruba is the safest Caribbean Island for American tourists. Aruba houses profitable, American, multi-billion-dollar, investment facilities. A Forward Operation Location (FOL) is situated on Aruba for drug trafficking surveillance in the Caribbean and the northern sector of South America. So, why commence an all-out media assault upon Aruba because some teenager goes missing? All the other islands in the Caribbean present far more serious concerns. Jamaica managed the recognition as the murder capital of the world in 2005!

To date, I do not have the answer, but I have concluded that Aruba plays a key role in some foreign relations agenda for the White House to become so silent while their mouthpiece rants on about a meaningless teenager.

...until tomorrow's editorial.

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Posted by Richard at February 8, 2006 8:55 PM

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