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February 28, 2006

HarryTho 2/28 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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In my continuing saga to deconstruct 102254/2006, I will brave Part D: Natalee's Nightmare, this evening. Part A provided some background to the lawsuit with heap of suppression. Part B probably set the foundation of the lawsuit; although, the medium was more quicksand than concrete. Part C essentially acted as an intermission in the macabre drama set in motion in Part B.

Part D: Natalee's Nightmare. Page 6: Allegation 35: The next hours of Natalee's young life were marked by torment, terror, and debasement.

Whether this allegation has any basis in reality has yet to be determined. Whether this allegation, if true, has any connection with the Van der Sloots likewise is yet to be determined. Currently, Aruban courts have determined that an allegation of this severity has no connection with either Joran or Paulus van der Sloot. As it stands, this allegation resides only within the mind of the author and her/his sources (possibly voices).

This allegation reads more like a description from the Middle Ages of the dungeons of the Inquisition. Without any evidence or crime scene, concerning Natalee disappearance, this statement is reminiscent of Allegation 11.

Allegation 36: Kept against her will, Natalee was sexually assaulted, was fondled and was touched without her consent by Joran and his accomplices, over and over again, as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

Please understand that when faced with an allegation this outrageous, I need to take a breather in order to locate an ameliorating and euphemistic appraisal.

There exists no evidence of any sort that Natalee was held against her will by anyone ... except perhaps her mother. After reviewing the ongoings, reported to have transpired within C&C, it would be difficult to image the boundary required in order to separate what Natalee's consent could have been. Allowing Joran (and others) to slurp alcoholic beverages out of her navel while lying prone on a bar in a crowded establishment seems to diminish any wrongdoing that may have occurred to other more private parts of her body. I would find it difficult to determine any boundary at all. To me, only the most self-flattering individuals would draw a line somewhere in this bizarre behavior. Even to suggest that Natalee was affronted by any male advances that evening would be a stretch. For Natalee, at least on this evening, it was intimate, male companionship that she desired most. And, I could imagine, the rhythm of over and over again was in her aspirations. After all, she chose to leave with three young men ... any three young men. Drifting in and out of consciousness into sexual rapture may have been precisely to what Natalee aspired.

Deepak Kalpoe "You cannot believe how easy it would have been that night." Let those words haunt you as you read Part D of 102254/2006.

Allegation 37: Natalee did not consent to these sexual acts nor, in light of her intoxication at the hands of Joran and her periodic unconsciousness, could she.

This allegation merely continues the erroneous scenario concocted in Allegation 36. This allegation is imaginative. I could condemn it, but there exists no need to do so. There exists no basis in reality for this allegation.

Allegation 38: Natalee was wrongfully detained by Joran.

Simply, there exists no evidence to support such a claim. This allegation merely focuses the erroneous claims contained in Allegations 35, 36 and 37. This allegations seems to be employed in order to imprint a possible claim of kidnapping. I suppose, for the theme of the little novelette, contained within 102254/2006, this allegation stirs the emotional pot.

Allegation 39: Joran returned home at approximately at 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning, 30 May, wearing no shoes.

I believe, via GPS positioning, that the Aruban authorities have ascertained what time Joran returned home. Whether than time is 3:30 a.m. or not, I do not know. However, from many unofficial sources, including Aruban defense counsels, Joran seemed to have been home around 2:30 - 3:00 a.m.

As for the no shoes, I believe that Joran admitted being in Deepak's car with Satish driving and he not having his shoes. I believe that I can grant that Joran arrived at his home without his shoes. I suspect that he felt that he could just go get them on the next day. I believe the shoes were regular, walk-about sneakers and not any designer brand. They were expendable.

Page 7: Allegation 40: In the early hours of Monday morning, Deepak methodically and uncharacteristically cleaned his silver Nissan, claiming after the fact "it had ants in it."

In order to support this allegation, the plaintiffs will be required to produce the methodic and characteristic car-invasion techniques of ants in order to enlighten the court as to the correct behavior of Aruban ants. I also suspect that Aruban ants will be need to be deposed ... for a demonstration.

As Natalee was in the back seat of Deepak's car, she may have expressed her dissatisfaction with the advances of the Aruban ants which in turn prompted Deepak to clean his car out of the undesired ants.

The time of the early Monday morning hours would be beneficial for this allegation. If Deepak worked an early shift, then perhaps he desired to clean his car before he left for work. It is not unusual to clean your car at odd times. Although this allegation does add to the theme of the author's novelette, it also can be explained quite easily. How many people like ants in their car? The better use of this allegation would be as forensic evidence ... where would Deepak's car have been in order to acquire enough ants in order to prompt cleaning. Lastly, young men, in general, clean their cars randomly. Only the most diehard car fanatics set aside prescribed times in which to clean their cars.

Allegation 41: Natalee never returned to the Holiday Inn where she and her classmates had been staying. Nor did she make the return flight to Alabama with the rest of her senior class at noon on May 30. Natalee has not been seen or heard from since entering Deepak's car with Joran.

There exists at least two declarations with the Aruban authorities that Natalee was seen by security personnel around 3:00 AM on the morning in question. Additionally, there exists a cable news interview where Frances Byrd (Natalee's best friend) claims to have seen Natalee back at the Holiday Inn, after they had gone to C&C.

I believe it is a fact that Natalee did not return to Alabama on the scheduled flight with her classmates.

If Satish Kalpoe did come to pick up Joran on the Marriott Beach, then, if follows that Satish would have seen Natalee on the Marriott Beach, before he took Joran home. Accordingly, the ultimate statement by the plaintiffs that no one has seen Natalee since she entered the car with Joran has to be specious. Declarations state otherwise, and further probing should prove otherwise.

In summary of Part D, the author's imagination drifted into the macabre. There exists little support for any of the allegations contained herein. Other than Joran being barefoot, Deepak cleaning his car of ants, and Natalee missing her return flight to Alabama, the remaining passages reside in the realm of pure fiction. And, it is terribly poor fiction.

Tomorrow evening, I will continue with Part E: The Cover-up ...

Later this evening, I hope to write some on the Greta interview with Joran van der Sloot in Aruba.

With Aloha,

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