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February 27, 2006

HarryTho 2/27 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

This evening, I will continue with deconstructing 102254/2006. With Part A and B complete, I will commence Part C.

Page 5 Part C: Joran meets Natalee:

Allegation 25: While not everything that occurred on the night of Sunday, 29 May, and the early morning hours of Monday 30 May 3005, is yet known, many facts are not in dispute.

This is an ambiguous statement with which an argument would be futile. It is like saying: on some days, it rains. And, this statement could be employed for any night.

Allegation 26: Joran spent much of Sunday afternoon gambling with his father. When Paulus finally went home, Joran (with Paulus' knowledge and consent) remained at the casino.

This allegation requires an admission that Paulus actually left the casino and that he allowed Joran to remain in the casino. To date, nothing has been confirmed, officially, that Paulus was not in casino when Joran was in the casino. Nothing has been confirmed that Paulus was aware of Joran's presence within the casino without his consent. Clearly, this allegation requires the support of declarations being held by Aruban investigators or a written admission from Paulus. I seriously doubt that the plaintiffs have documentation with which to prove this allegation. Written interrogatories and depositions may be required in order to confirm this allegation.

Allegation 27: Joran met a group of young women, including Natalee, that evening at a blackjack table. The women told Joran that they were going to C&C later that night.

I believe that the ABC News video supports that three young women joined Joran while he was playing blackjack in the Excelsior Casino. Natalee does appear to be one of the young women. Statements have been aired that the young women did tell Joran that they were going to C&C later that evening.

Allegation 28: Shortly before 10 p.m., Joran telephoned his father and asked that he be picked up at McDonalds restaurant near the hotel, as promised, Paulus van der Sloot agreed.

This allegation requires a declaration, held by the Aruban investigators, supporting this phone call and the conversation that ensued for confirmation.

Allegation 29: Paulus van der Sloot picked up Joran at the McDonald's, as promised, and brought him home.

This allegation likewise requires a declaration, held by the Aruban investigators, in order to confirm. For clarity, if it is true that Paulus returned the vehicle that he may have used to pick up Joran; then he returned the vehicle to his home, but Joran returned to his house ... not Paulus' home.

Allegation 30: Approximately, two hours later, however, Joran's friends, Deepak Kalpoe("Deepak") and his brother Satish Kalpoe ("Satish"), arrived at Joran's house.

This allegation will require supporting documentation, held by Aruban investigators, for confirmation. Please note that the author of 102254/2006 in this allegation differentiates between Joran's house and Paulus' house. Accordingly, the author was privy to the fact that Joran resided in a different house than Paulus and the rest of the van der Sloot family.

Page 6 Allegation 31: Joran left his house at approximately 12:15 a.m.on May 30 and, along with Deepak and Satish, went to C&C.

This allegation likewise requires supporting documentation, held by the Aruban authorities, in order to confirm. Once again, the author distinguishes between Joran's house and the van der Sloot's home.

Allegation 32: At C&C, the trio met Natalee. After buying and serving Natalee with alcoholic beverages, Joran, Deepak, and Satish induced her to leave with them.

First, this allegation suggested that the three suspects went to C&C in order to meet Natalee. That suggestion seems quite ambitious, since C&C was teeming with other young women. Reports from the cable news networks confirmed that Natalee and her friends were doing quite well on their own purchasing alcoholic beverages long before Joran and the Kalpoe brothers arrived, if they all did, at C&C. Joran's own statements aired on ABC News, which should match those he declared to the Aruban investigators were that he had no interest in Natalee. It was Natalee who came onto him at C&C and clung onto him at C&C. Also, it was Natalee who served Joran an alcoholic beverage off her tummy.

Allegation 32 manipulates what occurred within C&C in order to weave a predatory theme upon the innocent actions of the three suspects. It happened quite differently according to the testimonies of the living witnesses.

The word: trio, is employed in order to connect the three suspects as a team. They were not. They were just three friends, until the interfaced with Beth Twitty.

The inference that the three suspects induced Natalee to leave with them contradicts the declarations on record with the Aruban authorities. From Joran's interview on ABC News, which should match his declarations to the Aruban investigators, is that it was Natalee who induced the three suspect to take her to the lighthouse beach area.

Allegation 32 does not conform to the current narrative of what happened at C&C. The plaintiffs' attempt to re-write history will fail with the presentation of declarations and forthcoming depositions concerning the events within C&C on the night in question.

Allegation 33: At approximately 1:30 a.m., Natalee, in an intoxicated state left C&C and entered a silver Nissan sedan owned by Deepak. Deepak drove with Satish in the front passenger seat and Joran and Natalee in the back seat. The car drove off.

Reports have been cited by investigators that Natalee left C&C with Deepak Kalpoe. Some 15 minutes later, she returned without Deepak into C&C. The next sighting by anyone was Natalee in the back seat of silver Nissan. The seating arrangement in the allegation seems accurate.

Allegation 34: A short distance from C&C, several of Natalee's friends saw her in the car with three young men. Her friends implored her to get out of the car. Natalee did not heed their warning.

From what has been researched, no one has admitted to having told Natalee to get out of the car. It seems that we must grant that it happened, because the suspects support the rumored claim from the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. Obviously, Natalee felt no danger at the time that this interchange occurred with her classmates. Accordingly, any claim that Natalee was kidnapped, at least at this point, would be unfounded. She left willingly with the three suspects. One could presume that the lack of the identity of the classmate, telling Natalee to get out the car, could be the result of personal friction between Natalee and this mystery person. And, let us not forget that he/she could become a suspect. Additionally, it seems obvious that her classmates, at this point, were convinced that Natalee was in full control of her senses; otherwise, they would have physically taken her from the car. The notion that Natalee was drugged into leaving with the three suspects seems a bit far-fetched, as well.

Part C does not really conclude anything. It is a simple narrative, designed to connect the plaintiffs' predator theory with the demise of Natalee Holloway. I can sense this Part C being a breather designed to allow the reader time to internalize the wild allegations of the Part B, before the reader is immersed into another web of wild allegations about Natalee being harmed. In short, Part C states that Joran and Natalee met at C&C and decided to spend an evening together.

I will continue with Part D: Natalee's Nightmare tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, on cable tonight:

Martha standing in for Rita interviewed Dave Holloway and her council.

Dave acknowledges that the jelly shot affair did happen in C&C. He does not know the identity of the boy who called out to get Natalee out of the car. The Satish story seems to be just another lie by Joran. Dave discounts much of what Joran says about Natalee. He refers to his daughter and prompt and with a future. Natalee would never run away. He discounts the Hitler's Sister comment. Dave holds onto the Aruban police belief that Joran is guilty. He has no idea why Joran came to New York in order to tell his side of the story. Dave seems to just evade answers about Joran's reasons for coming to New York. Dave acknowledges that the lawsuit has jurisdictional and forum problems; however, he says that the defendants have some 30 days in which to respond. He is waiting for that to occur.

Martha held Greta's council of Jeff Brown, Gloria Allred, Bernie Grimm and Ted Williams. Jeff starts with a possibility that Satish may flip and provide some information needed to resolve this case. Jeff understands why Joran has lied about the Holiday Inn drop off. He would been a suspect anyway.

Bernie Grimm believes Joran is innocent.

Gloria Allred inputs that if Joran had hidden Natalee's body so well that it could never be found, then he could act normal after the act.

Ted feels that there never will be a trial. The Van der Sloots will never return to the USA. Ted demands a subpoena of Dr. Phil over this tape. At that comment, Martha ended the topic!

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