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February 24, 2006

HarryTho 2/24 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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This evening, despite all the airings on the cable news networks, attempting to drown out the ABC News interview with Joran van der Sloot, I will continue decomposing complaint 102254/2006.

In short recap, Page 1 of 102254/2006 posed a potential Index number acquisition problem. Potential exists for dismissal of the lawsuit by reason of fraud in that, from media statements from the plaintiffs, they knew nothing of the contents for which the attorneys contended that the plaintiffs alleged. Page 2 raised jurisdictional and venue problems. Lack of mailing addresses for responses were a technical concern. Part A on Page 3 revealed a good deal of suppression on that part of the plaintiffs. Some aspects of the suppression were quite damaging to the complaint and the remedy.

Page 3 Part B of 102254/2006 is lengthy, so I will address each allegation contained therein as space and my time allows for this evening.

Part B The Predator commences on Page 3 with Allegation 11 and continues on until Allegation 24 on Page 5.

Allegation 11: Joran van der Sloot is no stranger to sexual assault on young women.

The plaintiffs employ this allegation as a premise for a sequence of supporting Allegations 12-24 that follow. In a sense, the plaintiffs toss out Allegation 11 as a definitive, yet it is merely a conclusion derived from the Allegations 12-24. Consequently, errors, omissions and suppressions in Allegations 12-24 would bring Allegation 11 in question, if not outright refute it.

Let us explore supporting allegations 12-24, as time permits this evening.

Allegation 12: On at least three occasions prior to May 2005, young Aruban women alleged that they were victims of "date rape" perpetrated by Joran and his accomplices.

Allegation 12, from all accounts, is a true statement. Three young Aruban women (girls) did allege that they were date-raped by Joran and his associates. However, the Aruban authorities felt upon investigation that the allegations of the three Aruban women were specious (I am being polite).

John Q. Kelly would have had ample opportunity in which to ascertain the voracity of the allegations from the three women in his meetings with Karin Janssen. If, in fact, Karin Janssen provided John Q. Kelly the documents in question, then, from John Q. Kelly's own representations on the cable news networks, Karin Janssen "got him caught up" on the case in each of her updates to him.

Consequently, for John Q. Kelly to allow such a statement, as Allegation 12, to be submitted as part of 102254/2006 falls into one of three categories: 1) Karin Janssen has suspicions that the three women are truthful and the Aruban police are ignoring them. 2) The three women spoke falsely under a generous suggestion. 3) John Q. Kelly declined to investigate the voracity of the claims of the three Aruban women, so that he could allow his clients (plaintiffs) to state in ignorance Allegation 12.

Option 3 above is a popular tactic with American attorneys.

In order to substantiate Allegation 12, it will require more than merely stating it in direct in 102254/2006. Defense will produce the documentation, evaluating the statements of these three women, discounting these allegation. If the plaintiffs believe option 1 above, then the three women will be subpoena-ed, with expenses paid, to Manhattan for direct and cross-examination in depositions and at trail. However, the conclusions of the Aruban authorities, via cross-examination of the three women, should prove sufficient to refute Allegation 12. We must be reminded that currently 102254/2006 reflects merely the direct position from the plaintiffs of the issue. Cross-examination has yet to be presented.

The failure of Allegation 12 will do tremendous harm to the contentions of all Part B.

Allegation 13: Using Ecstacy as his "date rape drug of choice, Joran prowled the island, seeking to prey upon young female tourists, especially blondes.

To the best of my knowledge, there exists no declarations whatsoever supporting this allegation. In one cable news network airing, Deepak Kalpoe admitted knowing of the drug ecstacy. I would venture that knowing of a drug would in no way imply employing it. On the surface, it would seem to me, given the actions of the Aruban courts, that if such a statement, such as Allegation 13, had some remote validity, then the suspects could never have been released from custody.

Consequently, I believe that Allegation 13 requires the support of Allegation 12 in order to be deemed to have merit. If Allegation 12 fails, I foresee no chance for Allegation 13 to acquire substance.

In the second section of allegation 13, the plaintiffs allege that Joran prefers blondes. Pictures taken from Joran's website (that I have seen) in which he is portrayed with young women in suggestive situations do not show any blondes. They are all brunettes. Accordingly, although I must admit that many men do prefer blondes, it seems clear from the evidence readily available that Joran enjoys the company of brunettes. I would venture to state, from Joran's pictures, that there exists a least a dozen brunettes in his life. In order to expose some sinister penchant for blondes, the plaintiffs would need produce a significant number of blondes ... preferably date-raped ones. The three women of Allegation 12, I believe, are brunettes, as well. To say Allegation 13 is a stretch of the imagination would be an understatement.

Lastly, the identification of Joran as a predator seems to be another adventure in imagination. From the video released by ABC News, it seems clear that Joran was pursued by the young ladies of the Kingdom of Mountain brook, and not the other way around.

Clearly, the brunette sitting at the blackjack table is not offended by Joran's presence one seat away from her. Though I am not an expert at decipher the amorous intentions of young, Alabama women, I would chance the position that the brunette enjoyed Joran's company. One of the blondes, not Natalee, seemed, likewise, interested in Joran. Also, it should be pointed out that the young, Alabama women approached the blackjack table, after Joran was seated and commenced playing.

Many psychology experts, connected with the cable news networks, have viewed this video and still remarked upon Joran in a predatory fashion. Although not an expert, I would find their expert opinion in error. Perhaps, there exists a field of psychology in which some alien form of male charisma can be focused, as in vampire lore, to attract young women into the clutches of predators. I do not know. However, discounting Joran as an Aruban vampire, I find the opinions of the psychology experts more connected to their generous stipends than professional competence. This video seems to confirm my opinion.

I will break for now and continue with Part B, Allegation 14 later.

On cable news tonight:

Greta in New Orleans for Mardi Gras held her council: Jim Hammer, Bernie Grimm and Ted Williams. Jim commenced with the no-shoes comment. Jim feels that someone would never leave their shoes on the beach with a woman. He feels that is an outright lie. He cannot understand how Joran got to read FBI reports, as John Q. Kelly contends in his lawsuit. Joran is one cool cat.

Bernie agrees with the no-shoes conclusion of Jim. He feels that Joran left his brain on the beach, as well. The no-shoes indicates panic. He feels that a case for sexual assault can go forward. He does support that the case would be right, but he comments that some prosecutors have brought charges for less.

Ted Williams argues that there is not enough here for an indictment. He has a problem with the term Hitler's Sister voiced by Joran. Even more problem with Joran knowing that other witnesses told Aruban authorities about the Hitler's Sister comments. Greta interjects that the interrogators may have shown Joran some of the comments of other people in order to get him to talk.

The entire panel is suspicious of the Kalpoe brothers. They all buy the possibility that after Joran got home and emailed Deepak that Deepak could have teamed up with Satish and went to the beach to find Natalee.

An interesting revelations came out that the three suspects met everyday, during their 10 days of freedom, to get their story straight.

Ted Williams commented that if the allegation in the lawsuit which states that Joran gave ecstacy to girls in order to date rape them was false (Allegation 13), then he feels that sanctions should be levied against the lawyers. He says that is wrong.

All the panel felt that Joran coming home and surfing the Internet the way he did points to his innocence.

With Aloha,

Posted by Richard at February 24, 2006 10:00 PM

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