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February 15, 2006

HarryTho 2/15 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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This evening I thought I would explore the idea of contacting Oprah via a New York Times ad. The posters over at Scrux have commenced a fund in order to purchase the ad. They have decided on a two line entry that would direct Oprah to the a particular post on the Scrux site, containing a copy of the Dr. Phil - Skeeter tape analyzed by the Dutch Forensic Institute (DFI). It is the hope that by doing this that they can alert Oprah to the caper orchestrated by her affiliate: Dr. Phil Show.

I also thought I would explore some of the possibilities that would confront such an effort designed to win over Oprah's support in rectifying the actions of the tape manipulation. First, I believe that Oprah has heard of the Natalee Holloway case. And, I suspect that she has heard of the alleged manipulated tapes aired on the Dr. Phil Show. Accordingly, if the intent of the New York Times ad was to announce the manipulated tapes to Oprah, then I feel the effort would be an overkill. Oprah knows about the tapes, and I suspect that she has already confronted Dr. Phil MacGraw as to their accuracy. It is quite conceivable that the current position by Dr. Phil MacGraw is that the tapes are authentic, despite the DFI's results, and is an agreed upon position. Oprah might conceivably, under advice of her lawyers, be subscribing to DR. Phil MacGraw's position that the Skeeter tapes are authentic.

Why would Oprah subscribe to such a position?

Let us look over whom Jamie Skeeter is. First, he is the President of the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE). He resides in Ojia, Ventura, California at some PO Box. Other blogs have listed Jamie Skeeter as a former high ranking police officer and even a police chief for some college town.

As the President of CAPE, Jamie Skeeter enjoys the support of such members as Dr. Louis Rovner who is identified as the Vice President of CAPE. Dr. Rovner is a psychologist with recognition by the courts as an expert in lie detection. Succinctly, if Dr. Rovner supports Jamie Skeeter's contention that the tapes are authentic, then significant reliance exists in defending the Dr. Phil Show over the issue of manipulation raised by the DFI.

What we are faced with is a situation where, regardless of truth or falsity, it would appear that Oprah has rationalized her security within this containment of credibility. Lawyers in the USA will acknowledge the credibility of CAPE and its constituents. In real life, these CAPE constituents will be brought on the stand as experts, advocating the veracity of Jamie Skeeter's tapes and his professional credibility. Accordingly, even if Oprah suspects foul play in the airing of the Dr. Phil Show tapes, she faces the same hurdle as anyone else. There exists professional and accredited experts willing to support the authenticity of Jamie Skeeter's tapes.

The next issue that would face Oprah would be the reality of the situation. Jamie Skeeter interfaced with the Residency Office of the Los Angeles FBI Office in Ventura. Oprah would have to reason that if there were something wrong with Jamie Skeeter's tapes, the Ventura Residency Office of the FBI would have taken it to task. What is more is that the Ventura Residency Office is overseen by the Los Angeles FBI Office. To best of any of our knowledge ... even Oprah ... neither the Ventura Residency Office or the Los Angeles FBI Office has made any effort to address the Skeeter tapes.

Ventura Resident Agency
P.O. Box 3819
Ventura, CA 93006
2075 S. Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 642-3995

Obviously, the first check on FBI involvement would be to contact the Los Angeles FBI Office. We must recall that the FBI Office in Los Angeles, like all FBI Offices nationwide, are funded, entirely, by our tax dollars. All their cars, phones, comfortable offices and salary with perks come from our tax dollars. In other words, the FBI is obligated to investigate something of this nature.

Ojia, California resides within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles FBI Office, as does the Ventura Resident Office.

FBI Los Angeles Field Office - Home Page

The following list is of counties served by the Los Angeles office: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura.

The Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Criminal Division is J. P. Weis. The Assistant Director in Charge of the Los Angeles FBI Office is J. Stephen Tidwell.

Also, Ojai, California and the Los Angeles FBI Office resides in the US senatorial district of none other than Senator Dianne Feinstein (D).
Conveniently, Senator Feinstein has an office in Los Angeles:

Guillermo Gonzalez, Deputy State Director
11111 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 915
Los Angeles, CA 90025

As a US Senator, Dianne Feinstein, likewise has an obligation to have the Skeeter tape fiasco investigated. Senator Feinstein happens to be someone who could encourage the Los Angeles FBI Office to be more meticulous in their handling of the Skeeter matter.

Lastly, as I was checking CAPE and some of its members, I unearthed that a prominent polygraphist with impeccable credentials and qualifications did not appear on CAPE's board of directors and held none of the three offices.

Jack Trimarco & Associates
Polygraph / Investigations, Inc.
9454 Wilshire Blvd., 6th Floor
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Phone: 310-247-2637
Fax: 310-306-2720
CA P.I. # 20970

As you can read from his address, this polygraphist does not live out of a PO Box. Additionally, he ran the polygraph unit at the Los Angeles FBI Office. What I am saying here is that, perhaps, COPE and all its officers and directors could be a little more than a social club. Of which case, acquiring the support of someone like Jack Trimarco would go a long way into persuading Oprah into revisiting her position (if any) in the Dr. Phil - Skeeter tape affair.

In summary, all I desired form this evening's commentary was to explore the obstacles that may be preventing Oprah from expressing her true sentiments about the Dr. Phil Show airing of the Skeeter tape.

Update: JVDS blog claims VDS is in NYC!

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