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February 14, 2006

HarryTho 2/14 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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The news on Natalee Holloway is even more scant than last evening. Since the Van der Sloots presented their side of the story, so to speak, silence has reigned everywhere in the media. I suspect Paulus van der Sloots' emphasis on the egregious manner in which Beth Twitty referred to his son, Joran, as a rapist brought home the potential for mass litigation. Clearly, Paulus van der Sloot was livid over Beth Twitty's wild and unsubstantiated accusations. Well, it is quiet.

Over the last few cable news airings, Rita and Greta have avoided any mention of Twitty-Holloway crusade. Both MSNBC and Fox News must realize that Paulus van der Sloot has their deep-pockets in his gun sights. Our expose on News Corp.'s assets, contained within the financial institutions of the Netherlands Antilles, must bring a smile to his face.

Since Paulus's damages are minimal, there exists a period of respite before Joran van der Sloot is cleared of all suspicion and unleashed against the cable news media. His life, as Paulus van der Sloot has concluded, has been ruined as a result of unsubstantiated accusations. I suspect that this latest Joe the Eggman pronouncement that he has commissioned a couple of professionals to fly to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and talk to Joran van der Sloot will be another contention that graces the tabloids covering the courtrooms of America. Joe the Eggman will be spending so much time in a courtroom that he will be forced to hire a nanny to fondle his hens and a stunt man to play-act his gangster demeanor.

On the bright side comes a ray of hope for Natalee from a woman that was being held captive against her will:

Expatica's Dutch news in English: Missing woman 'captive' in cannabis nursery

Amsterdam - Police dismantling an illegal cannabis cultivation operation in the west of Rotterdam discovered a woman missing since 2003, it was revealed on Tuesday.
The woman, 28, was found in the house on 1 February and she said she had been held captive in a hidden room there for years. A man, 59, who lived above the cannabis operation was arrested.

The man and woman were known to each other prior to her disappearance. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) could not say on Tuesday whether the man had been investigated when the woman vanished.

The woman said she was confined to the hidden room and the area where the cannabis was grown. The

hidden compartments were built at the same time as the cannabis operation was begun.

The OM declined to describe the room or say what street the house was on. The woman has been brought to a safe location and has been re-united with her family. She is a good physical state but the authorities would say nothing else about her health.

Her family reported her as missing on 1 May 2003 but later retracted this after receiving occasional phone calls from her.

Comment: It is a strange story that begs a plethora of questions, but a missing woman has been found after some two years in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

As a closing comment, the posters over at the Scrux blog are organizing a fund for an advertisement in the New York Times in order to attract the attention of Oprah over the Dr. Phil - Skeeter tape fiasco.

With Aloha,

Posted by Richard at February 14, 2006 10:16 PM

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