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February 24, 2006

'Green Salt Project': Iran Admits Another Nuclear Deception

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Iran just can't go a day without being in the news again, somewhere, about either their involvement with terrorism, threatening Israel and the West, or more often, their obsessive compulsive drive to have as many nuclear bombs as there are fish in the ocean. Only yesterday we wrote in "Russians See Iran As Stalling For Time - So Why Are We?" - "Hasn't the West wasted enough time with Iran's dance around the truth? Hell, Iran's Chief Negotiator on the Nuclear Issue, Hosein Musavian, even admited they cheated and did so to buy time to finish building the Esfahan nuclear processing facility." And here we are only a day later, and we've got yet another scam being divulged.

This time, Steve Schippert writes at that Iran has provided the IAEA with documents on a program they had denied existed only two months ago - after the US released intelligence to the IAEA. It appears that Iran is up to it's mullahs in more deceit, lies, and cheating:

(...) With the IAEA Board of Governors meeting rapidly approaching, Iran now appears to be making typical gestures of 'coming clean'. This time, it's the 'Green Salt Project' back in the news, with Iran now producing documents on that very program. The 'Green Salt Program' was first made public in late 2005 when US intelligence began divulging some details of the kinds of nuclear information that was present on a laptop produced from Iran.

(...) 'Green Salt' is a term given to uranium tetrafluoride (UF4), which is a mid-point state of uranium in the process of converting uranium ore into the UF6 uranium fuel used in nuclear plants or, alternatively, further enriched for weapons-grade uranium. Essentially, it is a section of the fuel cycle that Iran has not divulged until now, days before the IAEA meeting that will ultimately condemn them before the United Nations Security Council formally takes up the Iranian nuclear crisis.

(...) Consider Iran's latest move nothing more than a pre-emptive strike. They have had ample time now to massage the information, including the preparation of any facilities to match what they are providing should any inspections be eventually demanded by the Security Council and agreed to by Iran.

(...) Once again, the secretive and deceptive nature of Iran's 'peaceful nuclear energy program' contradicts this persistent claim.

Yes, we are indeed hearing more of the same, and it's not like any of this is new. For some entertainment, read Gary Milhollin's piece that appeared in The Wall Street Journal way back on November 13, 2003, "What's 'Cheating' in Farsi?". In the article Milhollin writes that, "Iran has just revealed that for more than a decade it has been running secret programs to produce plutonium and enriched uranium - the two materials that fuel atomic bombs." In other words, today being February 24, 2006, Iran has now been playing the rest of the world like puppets, and has lied, cheated, deceived, and in some cases stolen, for over 13 years.

So when is the West going to wise up? Just a little while longer and it won't matter at all - radical Islam will have the nuclear bombs they've been doing their best to get their hands on, and civilization is over.

Posted by Richard at February 24, 2006 8:02 AM

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