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February 24, 2006

Email From A Reader Standing Up For Denmark In Boston

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Here is an email and photo that we received from a Freedom Zone reader in Boston, responding to the blogburst in support of Denmark:

Dear Freedom Zone,
Today I took the T from Davis Square to Boston's Downtown Crossing to show my solidarity (sammenhold) with the Danish People at the Royal Danish Consulate in Boston. It's a small consulate -- you can't get visas there -- and the Consul was not in the office this week. But his secretary did raise him on his cell-phone and he expressed his thanks for the support and extended an invitation to visit him next week.

Here is a photo of me next to the Consular Seal (the placard in my hand says, "Support Denmark") :

Danish Consulate - Boston - Feb 24 2006.jpg

Thanks for publicizing the event! We all need to stand up for free speech and defend our Danish friends from intimidation!


A big hat tip to David for going to the trouble during his lunch hour to do his part in standing up for freedom and against intimidation, and also for being persistant in reaching the Danish Consul.

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Posted by Richard at February 24, 2006 4:09 PM

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