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February 1, 2006

EDITORIAL In Pakistan's Daily Times: 'Iran Should Step Back From The Brink'

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Here's an interesting perspective from a journalist in a country with sympathies for Iran.

In the editorial, Ahmadinejad is accused of having rhetoric too reckless for even Third World standards, and it's recognized that given the history of Muslim countries that now have bombs after saying that they had no intentions for developing them - that the nuclear technology was only for "peaceful" uses or that the bomb was made in compliance with the Quran, no one is going to believe Iran (nor should they).

Iran has begun preparing for nuclear enrichment, which can enrich uranium for bombs, while continuing to hinder a probe of unanswered questions from the IAEA about its aims. Tehran insists that there is "no legal basis to send the nuclear case to the Security Council and that it will not bow to demands to halt atomic research and development".

The difficulty with this position is that no one believes in the nuclear "taqayya" (holy fraud or deviousness, that allows them to hide their true faith or plan from their enemies while living among them and even adopting the ways of their enemies to avoid suspicion.") first fed to the world by India and Pakistan, non-signatories to the NPT who kept saying they were simply enriching for electricity and were determined not to make the bomb. Finally when Pakistan tested its bomb in 1998 in reply to India's earlier test, the ruling Muslim League party told the people of Pakistan that the bomb was made in compliance of Sura Anfal of the Holy Quran. No one in the world believed that justification. Now Iran's Spiritual Leader says that the very same Quran forbids the making of nuclear weapons. Thus no one believes Iran today.

So if the Muslims don't follow the damned Quran, or use it to justify conflicting views according to however it pleases them, why in the hell should the non-Muslim world have any "faith" in what the Muslims or their Quran "says"???

Posted by Richard at February 1, 2006 11:09 PM

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