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February 16, 2006

CAIR (Supporter of Radical Islamic Agenda) - Responds To Cartoon Rots With 'Muhammad DVD'

Topics: Understanding Islam

imageDAM10201281216.jpgGOP Vixon makes a good point: People are being killed, lives are threatened, embassies burned to the ground (and boycotts initiated), all over silly cartoons, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations steps in to say they are addressing the "flap" - by offering free DVDs about Muhammad. In other words, CAIR uses Muslims' world wide violent reactions to the cartoons of Muhammad for a propaganda pitch to preach Islam and further the radical Islamic agenda. Using an "educational initiative" to entice non-Muslims into Islam as an answer to global Muslim violence, is more than sick, it's being stuck on stupid:

"... CAIR's initiative ... was prompted by the worldwide controversy over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad and is designed to turn a negative incident into a positive learning opportunity."
If this wasn't such a brazen act to "push" Islam in the face of the global violence by followers of the faith, it would be laughable. "Negative incident"? Very negative indeed - murder, violent protests, arson, death threats, and other exhibitions of mindless intolerance, all over cartoons. But after all, we ARE talking about a typical Muslim activist group, most well known for their terrorist ties and radical Islamic agenda.

Included in CAIR's arsenal of tactics, is one of their favorite - intimidation, which even includes the intimidation of Muslim's who don't support CAIR's radical agenda. Truly moderate Muslims who dare to speak out, especially if they dare to set aside their own denials that so many of their mosques are being used to indoctrinate an ideology which condones terror, are subject to immediate and prolonged attack by Muslim groups like CAIR (only one of many), who try to portray themselves as just another moderate civil rights group, but are in fact supporters of terrorism.

There are too many examples to detail here, but let's look at a recent case. In our post entitled, "FOUND - A 'Truly Moderate Muslim'", we posted a piece on M. Zuhdi Jasser, Chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy based in Phoenix, Ariz., who wrote in a February 10 article at the NRO, entitled "Dreams & Realities" - Cartoon problems, that he, a devout moderate Muslim, had just recently been portrayed in the local Muslim newspaper, Arizona Muslim Voice (who shares offices with CAIR-Az), as a ravenous dog - on the leash of his state newspaper, and devouring an imam. Jasser says that even though being portrayed as a dog is profoundly offensive and hateful in his Middle Eastern culture, there was hardly a ripple of outrage in the local Muslim community, and apparently in the local Muslim community - it's all right to make a vilifying cartoon of him, a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander and medical officer, but certainly not one of bin Laden or al-Zawahiri. He has yet to see them publish one cartoon "against the enemies of America in this so-called Muslim newspaper" (again, who shares offices with CAIR).

Danial Pipes addressed what he describes as an "ugly Islamist pattern of double standards" using the model of CAIR who presents itself as a civil-rights group, yet has shown itself to be the opposite by asserting special privileges for Muslims and derogating the rights of others. This is a very typical Islamic approach and illustrates the Muslim mindset toward non-Muslims. In his final paragraph Pipes advises:

(...) When Western institutions grant legitimacy to Islamist organizations like CAIR, they strengthen Islamist supremacism and its drive for Muslim dominance. Those institutions need to get smart and retract that legitimacy, reserving it for Muslims who reject radical Islam.
Edward R., a reader of the article discussed here, commented:

How long will it take for U.S. authorities, as well as the general public, to learn what we already know: That allowing Islamist organizations to continue to propagate in America is a sure pathway to our downfall? There is no legitimate, redeeming purpose for CAIR. It exists only to perpetuate its anti-American Islamist agenda. We should tolerate CAIR no more than the KKK, its white supremacist analog.

The reader sums up what Hyscience has tried to pound home time and time again. CAIR and other Islamic groups like them have their own agendas, and those agendas are not consistent with the agenda of a free and religiously tolerant America. CAIR is no better than the KKK, and neither is any group that perpetuates an anti-American Islamic agenda or for that matter, any agenda of religious or racial hatred whatsoever.

Recently FrontPage Magazine wrote that groups like CAIR have developed a response which is a kind of post-9/11 McCarthyism - "namely to deflect attention from what they are doing by making threats of libel suits against publications and individuals who are in the frontline of battle to defend free societies from terrorist attacks:

As Jacob Laksin has showed in his article "The Legal Left's War on National Security," many attempts have been made by Islamist-aligned groups, mostly CAIR, to intimidate and silence their critics. For instance, with respect to the suit filed by the Islamic Society of Boston, charging that Steven Emerson and others conspired to defame the Society, Laksin found that the charges had little merit since the Society does in fact have ties to terrorism, via exiled Hamas supporter Yusuf Abdullah al-Qaradawi and the American Muslim Council's Abdurahman Muhammad Alamoudi, a Hamas cheerleader who allegedly funneled $230,000 to al-Qaeda.

From Jan 18
The mentality of radical Islam includes several main components, of which one is Muslim supremacism: A belief that believers alone should rule and otherwise enjoy an exalted status over non-Muslims. This outlook dominates the Islamist worldview as much in the streets of Paris as in the caves of Afghanistan. (Hyscience emphasis)

Two recent American criminal cases highlight this attribute. Both involve the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Saudi-funded group whose leadership sometimes announces its goal to Islamize America ("Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.")

The first criminal case concerns Dale Ehrgott, a non-Muslim insurance broker living in Reno, Nev. Appalled by CAIR's record of apologizing for terrorism, plus the then-recent arrest on terrorism-related charges of its former employee Ismail Royer, Mr. Ehrgott dashed off four angry e-mails to CAIR in mid-2003.

One read: "We accept you [sic] holy war. Looking forward to it very much. We can deal with you easily especially since you are on our soil. You have taught us much about terrorism so get ready to be the receiver." In another message, some weeks later, he wrote: "You are making a lot of people angry and you idiots are sitting ducks."

"It wasn't a threat, just a nasty email," Mr. Ehrgott told The Associated Press. He described CAIR as "an anti-American organization" and pointed out that at no time did he physically intimidate it. CAIR saw matters differently and forwarded the notes to law enforcement agencies, which came down heavily on Mr. Ehrgott, perhaps because the Department of Justice decided to make an example of him.

Describing these e-mails as containing "a threat to injure members" of CAIR, the American attorney for Nevada, Daniel Bogden, convinced a federal grand jury in March 2004 to indict Mr. Ehrgott. Mr. Bogden then threw the book at Mr. Ehrgott, who, if convicted, faced up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

But after his September 2004 trial ended in a hung jury, the feds abruptly lost their taste for prosecuting Mr. Ehrgott. They settled with him on January 13, letting him off with a trivial sentence: One year's probation and 50 hours of community service, implicitly acknowledging that he had acted rashly but not dangerously.

Another case concerns Taiser Hosien Okashah, a Muslim food broker (and an illegal immigrant from Syria) living in Miami Beach. On June 3, 2004, Mr. Okashah threatened to destroy the Best Buy store in Plantation, Fla., because, according to the store clerk's sworn testimony, he was displeased with a rebate offer on a laptop computer. "I am going to come back and blow up this place if I do not get my money this time," the clerk quotes him as saying. On June 29, the authorities arrested Mr. Okashah, charged him with threatening to detonate an explosive, and briefly jailed him without bond.

The executive director of CAIR's Florida office, Altaf Ali, leapt to Mr. Okashah's defense. Muslims, he said, are "very concerned that a very humble member of the community, for asking a question about a rebate, can be put in jail."

Mr. Ali attributed Mr. Okashah's travails to a miscommunication exacerbated by the negative stereotyping of Muslims. A CAIR press release further specified that the arrest stemmed from "language barriers and overreactions by store employees and law enforcement officials."

Mr. Ali also sought to have the judge in the case removed because he had ordered Mr. Okashah to undergo a psychological evaluation. Nonetheless, Mr. Okashah is scheduled to go to trial on February 14 for the second-degree felony charge of "threatening to detonate an explosive device."

In CAIR's eyes, then, when a non-Muslim broker responds too emotionally to terrorism, he deserves years in jail and financial ruin. But when a Muslim broker threatens a store, he's the innocent victim of "negative stereotyping" who deserves release without any punishment at all.

The Ehrgott and Okashah incidents fit an ugly Islamist pattern of double standards. Although CAIR presents itself as a civil-rights group, it is just the opposite: An organization asserting special privileges for Muslims and derogating the rights of others.

When Western institutions grant legitimacy to Islamist organizations like CAIR, they strengthen Islamist supremacism and its drive for Muslim dominance. Those institutions need to get smart and retract that legitimacy, reserving it for Muslims who reject radical Islam. -End item

In a previous Hyscience post, CAIR is described as a terrorist organization. Evidence is presented in the post that supports such an accusation.

CD's of Muhammad, founder of a "religion" and political system of violence and terror, as an answer to violence, murder and mayhem? Only CAIR would think such a thing is an appropriate response. Just another attempt to sell Islam, and we're not buying - Islam or the CD's, because regardless of the up front "cost," the real cost is freedom, and potentially our lives and the lives of our families.

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Posted by Richard at February 16, 2006 9:59 AM

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