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February 20, 2006

Birth Control Patch - Is it safe?

Topics: Medicine

It's important to expose the unnecessary risks that are being taken by women, usually at the urging of their doctors. Since the invention of the pill, more and more women are being encouraged to use remedies that are supposed to help to prevent pregnancy. It seems that the emphasis is upon sexual intercourse, but to hell with the consequences.

Only last week, moronic female politicians in the Australian Parliament collaborated in a move that is designed to allow the use of the combined therapy of Mifepristone/Misoprostone, for the purpose of abortion. Despite the fact that prominent feminists Renate Klein and Germaine Greer spoke out against the introduction of this deadly drug, those of us who fought to stop the amendment lost the battle.

Now, I see a new report concerning a contraceptive patch, where there is a suggestion that the women who use the patch are at a greater risk of thrombosis. Once again there is an effort to downplay these risks. It seems that women are only regarded as good for one thing, and that their lives are totally expendable as more and more scientists dream up these drugs that allegedly prevent conception.

What is required is that the manufacturer withdraws the patch until further testing is completed. To keep it on the market is a disservice to women everywhere.

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