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February 2006

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February 28, 2006

Russia's Global Roulette
The Zogby/Le Moyne College's Center for Peace and Global Studies' Agenda Driven Polls
Another Day, Another Reason For A Muslim Riot - This Time It's 'Playing Cards'
'Virus Chip' Detects New Virus In Prostate Tumors
HarryTho 2/28 Natalee Holloway Commentary
'JUBA' And The Internet Jihad
Danish Consul in Grovels At The Feet Of Islamists: Europe Will Now Be More Careful!
Today is International High-Five a Muslim Day (Video Banned in Australia, Receives Fatwa)
More Cartoon Jihad!
Supreme Court: Mob Laws Can't Be Used Against Abortion Protesters
Iran Still Deceiving: IAEA
Clash of Civilizations Or Modernity Vs. Barbarism?
Spain Continues To Appease Muslims

February 27, 2006

Diabetes-related Complications On The Rise
Scientists Hunting Early Signs Of Cancer To Improve Outcome
HarryTho 2/27 Natalee Holloway Commentary
The Islamist Attack On Modern Civilization
An Intelligent Rant On Iraq - From The Big Pharoah
When Politicians Act Like 'Loose Cannons'
About The DaVinci Dialogue
The Little Civil War That Tried But Couldn't - Residents Returning To Streets In Baghdad (Updated)
A peaceful protest in Paris

February 26, 2006

HarryTho 2/26 Natalee Holloway Commentary
The Long War Against Radical Islam - Are We Up To It?
Judge Rules Doctors Must Let Baby Charlotte Die
students attempt to defy government protest ban in Lahore
Iran, Russia Agree on Enrichment Deal! Well, sort of...
Portgate: Latest Poll
A chilling warning from Al Qaeda
Standing up against the tactics of Animal Rights Activists
A Ray of Hope In Iraq?
Former Taxi driver found guilty under new terror laws

February 25, 2006

Is Mullah Omar In Pakistan?
Forget Those Six Port Deals - 'There's Actually 22'
What do a funeral and a marketplace have in common?
Strange But True - 'Iran Madness Watch'
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Saudi Attack
Attempted coup in Phllippines
Freedom of the Press Saudi style
Racists kidnap and murder Jew

February 24, 2006

Stand Up For Denmark Rally In Wash. D.C.
HarryTho 2/24 Natalee Holloway Commentary
About That Car Bomb Attack In Saudi Arabia
Email From A Reader Standing Up For Denmark In Boston
US Military: Iraq Not On Brink Of Civil War
Blogburst Reminder: Stand Up For Denmark Demonstration In Wash. D.C. Today (Important Update)
'Green Salt Project': Iran Admits Another Nuclear Deception
Photos From The Muslim Mass Demonstration In NYC
Vatican to Muslims: 'Practice What You (say) You Preach'

February 23, 2006

HarryTho 2/23 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Russians See Iran As Stalling For Time - So Why Are We?
Memory, Blood pressure, and Diabetes - 'Got Folate'
For the West, Bearer Of Civilization (English Version) - Updated
More Scary Details on the Ports Deal? - 'Understanding the Difference Between Islamophobia, and Islamo-awareness'
Democrats Tired Of Dem Leadership's Tactics
"Daddy Won't Be Coming Home" And Other Tributes To American Fallen Warriors
Blogburst Announcement - 'Stand Up For Denmark'
Anti-Dhimmitude In Action
Was Saddam Right?
Abortion Banned In South Dakota
Germany Bows Down To Sharia - Convicts Man Of 'Insulting Islam'
Mosque Gets Blown Up In Iraq - So Just blame the Jews

February 22, 2006

Cut & paste: 'Clinton's sloppy multiculturalism that forbids satire'
Cancer Promoting Protein Shows Up In Unexpected Place In The Cell
HarryTho 2/22 Natalee Holloway Commentary
DEBKAfile Exclusive: Iran extends its sponsorship of terrorists to Hamas
Announcement of Blogburst: 'Stand Up For Denmark'
Hitchens On Denmark: 'Why Are We Not Defending Our Ally?'
Arabs Charge Port Deal Controversy As 'Islamophobia'
Cartoon Jihad 'Pits Muslim Against Muslim'
Iran To Fund PA Headed By Hamas
Al-Askariya Golden mosque in Samarra, Iraq - 'Blown Up'
Glaxo cervical cancer shot shows 4-year benefits
U.S. Outsources Homeland Security to North Korea
Iraq's Prime Minister Ibrahim Al Jaafari Dismisses U.S. Warning
Images Of The Ohio Muslims Indicted For Plotting To Kill Americans Overseas, and President Bush
Making Islam illegal -- is it the West's only choice?

February 21, 2006

Hospital Staff Executed Patients To Facilitate Hurricane Katrina Staff Evacuation
HarryTho 2/21 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Has Bush gone mad?
Does Chemical In Consumer Plastics Play A Role In Insulin Resistance?
Turning point in cancer war?
'Seaweed Bubbles' May Help Fight Diabetes
More Enemies Within Our Gates: Toledo Ohio Men Indicted On Terrorism
Gonzales v. Carhart - Alito's First Test
Only Islam Can Save The Planet???
On MSM Silence And Appeasement By Nigerian Christians: 'Oh, my God, the machetes have come out'
Is America Islam's Only Hope Of Reform?
On Selling America's Ports To Her Arab Enemies
Iran Continues Embrace With Al-Qaeda
U.S. Warns Iraq: 'Create Nonsectarian Government'

February 20, 2006

HarryTho 2/20 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Sentence For Holocaust Denial Sends Wrong Message
American Churches Give Propaganda Victory To The Evil Doers
Helping To Loose The War On Terror: Cartoon Of Queer Jesus Kissing Muhammad Okay For Canadian Student Paper - But None Of Muhammad's Face.
Military Plotting A 'Long War' On Terror
The Cartoon You Can't See In Russia
Bin Laden Vows Never to Be Captured Alive
On Challenging The MSM
On Truth And Consequences - The 'Misguided Outrage', World View, And Distorted Truths Of America's Press
Birth Control Patch - Is it safe?

February 19, 2006

McDonald's-gate and the French Fry Cover-Up
U.S. Seeking Georgia's Help In Possible Strike Against Iran
Amazon takes on IPOD
A Wrist Slap for Dr. Death
Nigerian Muslims Slaughter Christians, Torch 11 Churches

February 18, 2006

Cartoon Controversy in Africa
Muslim To Muslim: 'Spreading the word'
The T-Shirt Minister Steps Down
Why I Published Those Cartoons
Death to the Danish
Does Ballistics Video Suggests Cheney Is Lying?
Clinton in Pakistan: Convict cartoon publishers
You Knew It Was Coming - The Muhammad Comic Book

February 17, 2006

Alec Baldwin Accuses Cheney Of Being A Terrorist
Aspirin Derivative Found To Help Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer
Javier Solana Told 'Offensive Cartoons Like 9/11 of Islamic World'
HarryTho 2/17 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Insanity - Nine Dead
Breaking: Egyptian Ambassador To Denmark Replaced
More Muhammad Images
The Dick Cheney Shooting Game
New Fatwa In Iran States That Religious Law Does Not Forbid Use of Nuclear Weapons
Muslim Cleric: '$1 Million to Kill Cartoonist'
Welcome To Islamberg, U.S.A. - Terrorists Using Islamic Schools In U.S. To Recruit And Train!
Hunting Partners?
Italian Judges: 'Recruiting Suicide Bombers Not Terrorism

February 16, 2006

HarryTho 2/16 Natalee Holloway Commentary
The Arabs Parallel Universe - From An Arab/Muslim's Perspective
Exclusive: Prisoner Abuse Photos from Iraq that MSM Won't Show You
Impact of Shotgun Blast the Likely Trigger for Heart Symptoms in Cheney Victim
Schiavo Judge Greer to Speak at Ethics Conference
ACLU Renews Hatred For America
LGF: The Media Are The Enemy
France: 'Iran of using its nuclear programme as a cover for clandestine military nuclear activity'
CAIR (Supporter of Radical Islamic Agenda) - Responds To Cartoon Rots With 'Muhammad DVD'
'British Lawmakers Ban Glorifying Terrorism' - Measure Headed To 'House Of Dhimmis'

February 15, 2006

Coulter: 'Muslim Bites Dog'
HarryTho 2/15 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Islam's ''Image problem' doesn't begin to cover it''
Student Finds Fast Food Ice Has More Bacteria Than Toilet Water
Cartoon Therapy (And more)
Italian Judges Rule Crucifix Can Remain in Public Schools
Mugabe's Economic Reforms Take Hold ...
Bird Flu Threat Grows In Europe
Cheney Blames Self
HAMAS: 'We will drink the blood of the Jews' - The Video
A 'Brokeback Mohammed'
Is There A 'Ticking Saudi Time Bomb in the U.S.?'
War Going On In Texas? Or Is It Jihad?
On Islam, Murdered Children, And Cartoons: What Proportionality?
On Saudi Arabia And The Perfect Timing for Cartoon Jihad
Muslim Cartoon Rage Update
Lawrence O'Donnell: 'Drunk On Bias' - Along With The Rest Of The Liberal Media

February 14, 2006

Censored, Suspended and Betrayed (Updated)
HarryTho 2/14 Natalee Holloway Commentary
The Sky Is Falling: Democrat Shows Signs Of Having Common Sense On Port Security
Cheney's Hunting Friend Suffers Heart Attack
Will you wear one of his t-shirts?
The Clown Must Die!
Kofi On Hamas - Wrong Again
Media Piranhas Nibble at McClellan
Indiana Law Would Inform Women Seeking Abortion - 'Life Begins At Conception'
Exiled Tibetans protest Google censorship
Gallup Poll - Americans Pessimistic About Peace In Middle East (While Culture Of Jihad Grows In U.S.)
FOUND - A 'Truly Moderate Muslim'
Jihadi Olympics In Tampa Florida

February 13, 2006

Iranian Suicide Bombers Threaten To "Burn Down" U.S. Interests
HarryTho 2/13 Natalee Holloway Commentary
The Dark Side of Valentine's Day
Good Point Per Sti Moeller
Muslim Leader Threatens 'Fire Throughout The World' Over Cartoons
Canadian Magazine Risks Hate Speech Prosecution
Country Humor - The Farmer And The Duck
Australian MP: 'Abortion will lead to Muslim nation'
Is US Preparing Military Blitz Against Iran's Nuclear Sites?
Behind The Muhammad Cartoon Rage
Bird flu reaches Italy and Greece
Gore to Arabs: U.S. committed 'terrible abuses' against Arabs
The Cartoon Jihad - 'The Muslim Brotherhood's project for dominating the West'

February 12, 2006

Cheney's Sitting Duck
Bloviate with Bill
No Pasaran: Islamic Protestors in Paris Come Face to Face With An Unexpected Counter-Protest
Muslim cemetery defiled in Denmark
Behind The Muhammad Cartoon Rage: 'Hush-hush Cartoons' - Is Islam Really A Religion Of Peace?
Cheney Shoots Friend
Threats used to Thwart Cartoon Offense
Zionist Hostages?
Who is Insulting Muhammad Now?

February 11, 2006

Low Fat Diet and rate of disease
Love - A Long Haul Addiction
Warning on Ritalin

February 10, 2006

Man Faces Charges For Printing Koran On Toilet Paper
HarryTho 2/10 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Drug Extends Head and Neck Cancer Survival
Google's Knight Bashes Malkin
Fetal Pain Bills Advanced in 23 US States
Swedish 'Mohammed Drawing Competition' Website Shut Down Under Pressure From Govt Officials
Porter Goss: 'Leak of classified info giving terrorists edge over CIA'
An Islamic double-standard
The Muhammad Cartoons - A Sophisticated Perspective
Undeniable Reality
On Krauthammer's 'The Curse Of The Moderates'
IEA Ready To Compensate Iran's Cut In Oil Export

February 9, 2006

Does Islam Really Prohibit Muhammad Images And Jokes About Religion?
HarryTho 2/9 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Muslim Cartoons Ridicule Jews: Where Are The Violent Rampaging Protests By Jews?
Muhammad Cartoon Express Link #5
Liberal Media Bias Real And Going Strong
The War Over Muhammad Cartoons - How It Started And Why' (THE MOVIE)
More On Arab Bedouin Mentality Influencing Today's Islamic News (Updated)
Is this Image too Graphic for You?
Hillary's Popularity As Pres - Lowest In A Year
StoptheACLU - One Year for Jay
New York Times Hypocrisy
On Bedouin Islam: Influential Muslim Scholar - ''We must rage, and show our rage to the world'
Acceptance of their intolerance - it's all part of radical Islam's plan

February 8, 2006

They're Afraid. We're Not.
HarryTho 2/8 Natalee Holloway Commentary
The al-Qaeda Jailbreak in Yemen
Insensitive French Paper Adds a New Twist
Jihadi Hackers Of Jyllands-Posten Has Links To Tampa, Florida
Muhammed Cartoons Appeared In Egyptian Newspaper In October 2005 - There Was No Reaction Or Protests (Updated)
Blatant Hypocrisy - Egyptian Newspaper Published Danish Cartoons Last October (Summary of previous post)
Inciting the Violence - Cartoons and Islam
Those Lying Danish Imams
Hate Cleric Abu Hamze's Mosque Hid Arsenal For Training Terrorists
Muhammad Cartoon Express Link #4
New York Time Publishes Image Of Virgin Mary In Elephant Dung Instead Of Muhammad Cartoons
On Western Cartoonish Reactions
Images Of Islamo-Supremacism
The Cartoon that Broke the Camel's Back
On Iconoclasts And Fanatics

February 7, 2006

HarryTho 2/7 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Fatwa Me!
Iran To Hold Holocaust Cartoon Contest
Do 'Raisins' Not Virgins - Await Suicide Bombers?
Dar al-Islam - Islam's House Of War
Catholic Priest Killed In Turkey By High School Jihadist Enraged By 'Cartoons'
'Broccoli And Cauliflower Can Fight Cancer'
Townhall: 'First they came for Israel, then they came for America...'
al-Guardian/The Guardian - Anti-Christian But Pro-Islam
British Urging Crackdown On Muslim Protestors
Federal Judges Uphold NYC Schools' Discriminatory Nativity Scene Ban
Meet The Imam Behind The Muslim Reaction To Muhammad Cartoons
37% Of British Muslims Believe Jews Are Legitimate Target"
On 'Who Is An American'
Muhammad Cartoon Express Link #3

February 6, 2006

Map Overview Of Current Muhammad Cartoon Conflict
HarryTho 2/5 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Administrative Update
Islam Watch - Another Day Another Crisis
The Case For Mocking Religion
Danish Cartoons, Islam, and Secularism
Moderate Muslims And 'The Cartoon Crisis Conspiracy'
Arab European League Posts Cartoons Depicting Anne Frank, Hitler In Bed

February 5, 2006

The Commisar Is Offended
Boom - Allah!
Natalee Holloway Mystery - Good Morning America To Host Van Der Sloots
Eavesdropping targets only al-Qaeda
A Proper Perspective On The Muslim Reaction To Muhammad Cartoons
Obesity May Be Contagious
Planned Outrage: Cartoon Riots Hit Lebanon (Video)
Darfur - 'Genocide in Slow Motion'
Bay Area Muslims Urge Restraint Over Muhammad Cartoons

February 4, 2006

HarryTho 2/04 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Danish and Norwegian Embassies Set Ablaze Over Cartoons (Updated)
Marching To Dhimmitude
Teens Putting Themselves At Risk Online: 'MySpace' Not Safe
IAEA Reports Iran to U.N. Security Council
Danish cartoonists fear for their lives
Muhammad Cartoon Express Link #2
Muhammad Cartoon Rage Via Email (Updated)

February 3, 2006

Most Viewed Muhammad Image In Previous 24 Hours
Harry Reid's Sinking Ship
In Hollywood, the U.S. is the enemy, not the terrorists
British Muslims Threaten Death - Again
On Clowns And Cartoons - Muhammad And His Followers (PHNU)
Islamist Leader in Norway: 'The War Is On'
Painting Of Bin Laden As Christ
Muslim Furor Over Cartoons 'Part And Parcel Of Culture War Against The West'
Brownback A Man With An Iran Plan: Iran Regime 'Viscous Tyrant'
Muhammad Cartoon Express Link
Norway Being Used As Terrorist Base
Time Clock On Bird Flu Ticking Along - Bird flu 'endemic' in Hong Kong
Muslim Canadian Congress On Cartoons: 'Proven: Muslims ARE A Violent People'
Hamas Alarms Bethlehem's Christians
Two more Italian newspapers reprint Mohammed cartoons.
Sheehan's Islam

February 2, 2006

Harrytho 2/2 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Dutch Mohammed Photoshop Contest - More Images For The Jihadists To Stew Over
Jordan Daily 'Muhammad Cartoons' Withdrawn
Venezuela's Chavez Buying His Friends With Oil
"Christians and Jews rampage across Western countries"
Dems Keep Trying To Market 'Dog Burgers' To The American Public
Cartoon Of The Day
British Muslim Group Al Ghurabaa: "Kill Those Who Insult the Prophet Muhammad"
Mohammed Cartoon Conflict Geting Even Hotter
Alito Apparently More Independent Than Ted Kennedy
Sunnis Propose Deal For Peace In Iraq
Egypt and Jordan Join West In Pressuring Hamas

February 1, 2006

EDITORIAL In Pakistan's Daily Times: 'Iran Should Step Back From The Brink'
New Advice Offers Hope In Bladder Cancer Treatment
New Weapon Could 'Obliterate' Enemy Ground Targets
Louisiana's 'No' Was Prelude To Katrina Disaster
HarryTho 2/1 Natalee Holloway Commentary
Iraqi Doctors Desperately Short Of Bird Flu Medications
UNSC Decision Awaiting Review Of Mystery Iranian Laptop?
Cohen In WaPo: 'Don't Be Fooled By Hamas'
Iran's 'Manhattan Project' Moving Forward With Military Link
The Real Hillary - As You Should Know Her
The French Connection
Muslim Cartoon Rage Continues On - Encouraged By Bill Clinton (Important Updates)
Cindy Sheehan is in federal custody, and the state of the union is good